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Identify any bird with the new Argentina & Uruguay Birding Field Guide mobile app, from the authors Tito Narosky and Dario Yzurieta.

The Tito Narosky and Dario Yzurieta Argentina & Uruguay Birding Field Guide is the most complete and widely known field guide for the Southern Cone, where over 10% of the species of the world can be found.

Completely up to date with almost 1000 species, it features professional grade photographs, hand made detailed illustrations, range maps for each species and over 700 recorded songs.

Using the Advanced Search tools you will be able to easily search and identify birds by common or latin name, family, bird shape, geographic range, predominant colors, habitats or size.

In addition, you will be able to register your sightings through the app, automatically backed up in our secure servers. You can also post them to Facebook to share them with friends and colleagues.

Whether you are an experienced or beginner birder, the Argentina & Uruguay Birding Field Guide mobile app is the tool everyone needs to succesfully explore the amazing birdlife of Argentina & Uruguay.

Most important features

- 979 species, with useful behavioral and physical description, habitats, common and latin names, family, sighting probability, conservation status and more.

- User-friendly interface with professional grade photographs, unique illustrations hand-made by recognized ornithologists and distribution range maps.

- Over 700 bird songs carefully recorded, that can be played directly from the app (warning! recordings are not intended for play back purposes)

- Can be used off-line, everything is stored in your device locally for you to enjoy in a field trip, when you need it the most.

- Quick search that enables user to find a bird by common, latin name or family.

- Advanced Search tool to easily identify birds based on size, habitat, distribution range, predominant color or bird type.

- My Sightings tool enable birdwatchers to register sightings directly from the app, that are automatically backed up in our secure servers.

- Post to Facebook, to share your sightings with friends and other fellow birdwatchers.

And more features to come!

Note for Android 6.0 users: this app will requiere more storage space due to operating system restrictions.

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Launched Nov 07, 2016 (over 3 years ago).
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