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The inspiration for this pocket book is the front of the Building Technician Diary published in the 1960s and 70s. This small airmail paper page is solid with useful information for architects, surveyors and builders. Clearly concise, often a rule of thumb but still useful. These diaries are no longer available and of course very outdated. So it seems like that
I know that there is a need for a new and complete small compendium that can sit next to the drawing board / computer and is also easily carried to the place. This is mainly aimed at smaller exercises and is very suitable for small jobs. Subjects range from general arithmetic and geometric data through building regulation requirements, furniture sizes, fittings, beams, materials, U values, lighting data and more.

List of Handbooks:
Architectural Style A Visual Guide,
Complete VRay Guide,
Dictionary of Architectural History,
Natural Lighting Light Inchitecture,
Festival Architecture,
Folding architecture,
Abstract space,
Color Architecture in Detail,
New Housing,
Best Australian Architecture,
Row House,
Interior Color With A Design Design,
Shop Apartment,
Quality Design in New Housing Learning from the Netherlands,
New Collective Housing Density,
New Concepts in Apartment Buildings Art Ebook Architecture,
Urban design,
Visual Architecture Dictionary,
Club Bar Design,
Realistic Vizualization With 3ds And Mental Ray,
Vitruvius and Arch Of The West,
The Origin of Order of Greek Architecture,
Les Edifices Antiques De Rome,
Fortified Castles and Cities From Medieval Europe,
Architect Guide for FengShui,
Looking for Sacred Contemporary Religion Architecture,
Britains of medieval castles,
Temple in Man,
Ritual House Draws On Natural Rhythms For Urban Architecture and Design,
Lightweight Enterprise Architecture,
Geometry in Art Architecture N,
Architecture Student Handbook Portfolio,
Color in Facade Architecture,
Metric Book Architecture must be owned,
Neufert Data Ed3 Architect,
Steel Structural Design,
Fourth Edition Construction Material,
Architectural Acoustics,
Designing a Sustainable School,
Progress in Geometry Architecture,
Architect Handbook Construction Details,
2009 International Building Code,
Interior Design For Fitness Rooms,
History of Interior Design,
Collective Intelligence in Design,
Fa follows the principle of construction,
Design in TheEdge,
Theater Building,
Architecture in words,
Analyze Architecture,
European Landscape Architecture,
Gender Room AnInterdisciplinary Architecture Introduction,
Thought Architecture Design Process and The Expectant Eye,
Architecture in Climate Change,
Architectural Actions,
Design With Structural Steel Guide For Architects,
Seismic Design for Architects,
Structure and Architecture 2,
Lighting and Color for Hospital Design,
Acoustic Auditorium,
Building for the Performing Arts,
Library 2,
Library and Learning Resource Center,
When Culture Meets Architecture,
Endless show,
Bank Architecture,
Phaidon Contemporary Architecture Atlas,
French Museum Architecture,
Museums and Public Spaces,
City Architecture,
Making the Narrative Architecture Exhibition Museum,
Apartment Architecture Design in the World,
Innovative Public Housing,
Planning Middle Eastern Cities An Urban Kaleidoscope,
Occupying Architecture Between Architects and Users,
Shapes and Fabrics in Landscape Architecture,
Philosophy and Design from Techniques for Architecture,
Modernization of Main Street,
German Architecture for Mass Viewers,
Designing the Sea Side,
Marketing For Architects and Engineers,
Exporting American Architecture,
Architecture and Narration,

I hope this architect application architect book can be useful for you

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