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All the features of the standard version plus -
* Additional guidance cards.
* A choice of three meditations.
* Share message cards by MMS, email, Google Plus and Facebook etc..
Along life’s pathway we are faced with many different situations and experiences. These are what make us. We learn from these experiences and gain spiritual growth with understanding. Sometimes we are unsure of the direction that we are travelling in and how to deal with what life throws at us. Spirit is constantly with us helping to guide us, whether we are spiritually aware or not. These are simple Spiritual Guidance Cards that will help give you a message, inspiration or clarity to situations.
How to use the Spiritual Guidance Cards:
Relax, clear your mind and focus on questions that you may need answered in your life or situations surrounding you that you may be unsure of.
Just open the app, tap the screen and a Spiritual Guidance Card will reveal itself to you.
You may wish to pick one card daily or more if you prefer. Its up to you and how you feel inside.
Sometimes the same Guidance Card may repeat itself. This is an important message that Spirit are trying to get you to understand. Almost like a reoccurring dream.
I hope these cards will help give you strength and positivity giving you new direction in your life.

Find a quiet place, sit comfortably and relax. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly, Starting with your head slowly feel your whole body relaxing. Calm the chitter-chatter of your mind, don't allow stray thoughts to interfere. Now feel your stresses and worries drain away, allow your mind to become still. It may help to focus on the sounds played.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome, so please contact us by Email.

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Version History

Launched Nov 25, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Sep 18
Version 2.0

New design with selectable card designs and backgrounds.
Added extra meditation.
Bug fixes.


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