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This is our very first app, targeted specifically for veterinarians and technicians. It will allow you to create your own list of drug with all the dosages, notes and more. And when your list is ready, just enter your patient's weight, and you are set, no need to ever check notes again.

Dosage at your fingertips
Access your most used drugs in one single tap, and get an instant and accurate result from your patient's weight

Range & Tapered Doses
Even more complex range and tapered dose sequences are supported to give you what you really need

Create your Drug List
Create your own personal drug list with notes and organize them by the ones you use the most, for a customized experience

Built-in Calculator
If you want to make another quick calculation, you don't have to leave our app and switch back and forth, we included one for you

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Version History

Launched Jun 30, 2018 (7 months ago).
Aug 12
Version 1.1

Version 1.1 - Hey everyone, this is a small update that fixes a couple of minor issues, and also that coincide with our iOS release.
- Fixed some capitalization and input field issues when adding or editing a drug
- Added the species icon on the result page
- Adjusted our store pricing with a new 250 drugs add-on

Hope you guys are finding the app useful! Feedbacks and comments are welcome, simply visit our website or reach out to us via Instagram or Facebook.

Jun 30
Version 1.0

Hey everyone, this is our first Android release of Vetpocket Calculator and we are thrilled!

- Create a list of drugs with custom dosages (including ranges and tapering) and personal notes that you can save permanently and edit them whenever you want
- Calculate results for each patient based on their weight
- Prioritize favorite drugs to the top of your list
- Built-in basic calculator to do any other calculation you might need without leaving the app


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