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Veraki is a personal growth tool designed to teach you mindfulness and visualization so you can boost your energy, center yourself, and find the strength to keep going during triggered times. Download your Free Subscription today. An in-app purchased upgrade to Premium is also available.

For a limited time offer, upgrade to the Premium Subscription for $49.99 for the year. (Pricing goes back to $69.99/year for Premium Subscriptions after January 31, 2021). For more details, check out www.veraki.com.

Have you found yourself reaching a breaking point? Overthinking overwhelms the senses. It’s time to get connected to your inner guidance. Veraki teaches the life skills needed to enhance that inner knowledge. Let us show you ways to look after your mental well-being with strategies designed to help you deal with stress, boost your mood, strengthen your resiliency to life’s circumstances, and feel more in control.

What can you find in Veraki?

• Articles and exercises: each one is under 10 minutes and can easily be included into your self-care routine. Keep growing with specific topics that resonate with your needs.

• Visualization recordings: fresh content provided daily, including lessons on mindfulness and how to visualize.

• Vision Board: learn to create your personalized board. Seeing your favorite images regularly strengthens your ability to reach your goals.

Move forward in life with a clear, intentional purpose.
Veraki = Personal growth through visualization. Connect, Learn, and Grow every day.

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Version History

Launched Apr 23, 2020 (9 months ago).

Releasing new versions every 29 days, on average.

Jan 11
Version 1.1.16

Single Sign-On

Dec 21
Version 1.1.15

New Journal Feature.

Nov 08
Version 1.1.13

Premium Enhancements.

Oct 18
Version 1.1.12

UI/UX Enhancements.

Aug 18
Version 1.1.11

UI/UX Enhancements.

Aug 03
Version 1.1.10

Bug fixes

Jul 02
Version 1.1.9

UI/UX Enhancements.

Jun 21
Version 1.1.8

UI/UX Enhancements.
New search in Learn Section.

May 25
Version 1.1.7

UI/UX Enhancements.

Apr 22
Version 1.1.6

UI/UX Enhancements.

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