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prank with scary evil teacher who is live in your neighbor.

Welcome to most awaited and hottest release of spooky Crazy teacher horror house simulator games chapter 2 Now Available on android store & Evil High School teacher Survival game. what's your worst nightmare? Going to school & on first day of your school you finding out that your new evil hello virtual horror teacher chapter 2 is very cruel & scary who always punishes the kids in the most disturbing and in a most unique way. Try to stay away from your teacher as far as you can because she caught you then your hello scary creepy school classroom teacher in creepy virtual school teacher games & scary horror school neighbor games chapter will punish you badly. You have decided that it's enough of this torture and now you have decided to take a stand and to teach creepy horror baldi teacher a lesson & make her taste her own medicine. Evil scare baldi classroom teacher chapter 2 in new scary stranger school teacher games 2020 is very strict and she also teaches in the school next to your house. You will have to get to the school early where your spooky & creepy scary evil baldi hello teacher is on the round in the school courtyard, think hard and then plan to prank her in a most different and in amazing ways in the advance levels of spooky hello games. The first thing which you will need to is to go to your classroom and after that go to the director's office where you will have to find and steal a common pin, go back to your classroom so quietly that no-one can see or catch you and place that pin in your teacher chair in this amazing super scary crazy evil scare spooky teacher 3D games. However you need to be careful from the scary creepy evil horror virtual school teacher because the teacher very intelligent and you can not target her easily.

You might have played many other scary spooky evil school teacher games,But we assure that this creepy virtual evil hello school classroom evil teacher game is different from other games. In this hello crazy scary horror teacher virtual simulator game we give you the opportunity to prank your bad teacher in the most amazing and in a unique ways possible, but you need to be very careful to not get caught by the scary math teacher in scary games 2020, because if she caught you then she will definitely going to punish you in the most cruel and in a brutal way. In this game we keep a lot of levels where you will prank her Evil spooky horror simulator teacher in a most unique way. Complete every level to get a reward which will be in coins and with the help of those coins you can buy different school items to prank your creepy evil virtual school hello teacher.

So what are you waiting for download this amazing app and start scary creep horror games.

Evil School Teacher Horror House 2020 Features
- Realistic 3D environment
- Amazing Graphics And Animations
- Numerous pranks to teach her a lesson
- Easy to use controls
- Interactive game-play features with real-time camera
- and a lot more

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Version History

Launched Sep 01, 2020 (3 months ago).
Sep 10
Version 1.0.1

*Improve gameplay
*Add new Features

Aug 31
Version 1.0