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Conduct your own band of musical robots! Choose which robots to include for each song, and which parts they play. Customize the songs, or even write your own songs from scratch!

• Be a conductor.

Choose the stage assignments from a variety of adorable robots. Each robot is a musical instrument. Select the parts each robot plays as the song is playing to change the performance.

• Be a composer.

Write individual parts for each robot. Customize the built-in songs, or even compose your own songs from scratch!

Robot Jam Party is free and contains no ads. It comes with several free robots and songs, with more available for purchase. You can disable the in-app purchases through the Google Play Store settings.


• Conduct a robot band.
• Adorable robots dance as they play music.
• Each robot is a musical instrument.
• Choose which robots are onstage, and where they go.
• Change any robot's pan (Left/Right) by placing it in different positions on the stage.
• Each robot can play a variety of parts for each song.
• Change the parts played by each robot to alter the song as it plays.
• Compose your own songs, or use the built-in songs.
• All songs are completely editable and customizable.
• Robot Jam Party is free and has no ads.
• Comes with 4 free robots and 5 free songs.
• More robots and songs are available for purchase.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us at support@twobeanapps.com

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Version History

Launched Nov 19, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
Feb 19
Version 1.04

Graphics improvements.
Upgrade to libgdx 1.9.5.
Added link to privacy policy.

Dec 01
Version 1.03

Initial production release


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