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Tripshot helps you commute with ease. See all of your travel options in one place: shuttle, carpool, vanpool, on-demand, walk, bike share and more, all with real-time arrivals.

Up-to-the-second accuracy for vehicle locations and arrival times ensures you have the information you need exactly when you need it so you can arrive on time, stress-free.

Simply download the app, login securely with your account and you're ready to go!

* Advanced Trip Planner—from your home to your final destination, know the route you’re going to take and when you will arrive when using fixed-Route or on-demand services.

* Real Time Tracking & ETAs—complete visibility to all commute options with real-time tracking and arrival times for fixed-route and on-demand vehicles.

* Schedule & Route Review—view route schedules on a stop-by-stop basis on all available routes so you can plan every trip ahead of time.

* Intelligent Notifications—subscribe to routes or stops to get arrival, departure and delays sent directly to your device via SMS, email or push.

* On Demand—request an on-demand ride and get a real-time view of all available vehicles.

* Fare Payments—use Tripshot pay for fare-based ticketing to securely purchase a transit ticket. Purchase tickets using Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit cards, and credit cards from pre-tax transit subsidy programs such as: WageWorks and Commuter Benefits.

Have questions? Need some help? Let us know! Contact the Tripshot support team at support@tripshot.com

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Version History

Launched Jun 23, 2015 (over 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 29 days, on average.

Oct 09
Version 53

* Support traffic layer on all map views.
* Fix bug causing trip planner results to not always be updated properly.
* Show live vehicle status in text form when viewing stop on ride on explore screen.
* Add model property to NOA bikes.

Sep 15
Version 52

* Show Tripshot Pay transactions.
* Fix explore screen bug when region changed.
* Show ridership in explore screen vehicle info window.
* Open explore screen to appropriate stop on ride when fixed route notification tapped.
* Open payments screen when certain notifications are tapped.

Aug 21
Version 51

* Add route and stop fields to rider feedback.
* Improve Pay error handling.
* Experimental bike system support.

Aug 07
Version 50

* Support On Demand feedback.
* Allow deep linking to On Demand trips and Vanpool trips from push notifications.
* Create new dedicated Vanpool Detail screen.

Jul 22
Version 1.49.1

* Fix scroll issue when updating trip planner results with live data.

Jun 27
Version 1.49

* Migrate to new Places SDK.
* Fix crash due to ConnectivityManager bug on Explore screen.
* Accessibility improvements.
* Support tapping to view enlarged on demand vehicle and driver photos.

Jun 06
Version 1.48

* Show explore screen regardless of experiment settings.
* Load feedback incident types from mobile boot data.
* Auto focus Tripshot Pay amount dialog.
* Linkify welcome text, vanpool help text, and general help text.
* Fix bug causing upcoming departure time to not be visible on explore stop on ride view.
* Improve Tripshot Pay error handling.

May 22
Version 1.47.1

* Fix feedback submission.

May 16
Version 1.47

* Fix lifecycle bug on explore screen.

May 02
Version 1.46

Cache feature set.

Apr 22
Version 1.45

* Show intermediate stops in trip planner.
* Add "No Transfers" option to trip planner.

Apr 01
Version 1.44

* New explore screen under feature flag.
* Clear region preference on logout.
* Detect whether vanpool is enabled on each app launch.
* Move to instance screen on logout.

Mar 10
Version 1.43

* Migrate from GCM to Firebase.
* Make vanpool help text customizable.
* Fix rare crash on route detail screen.
* Show photo count in photo galleries.
* Ignore stale live statuses.
* Alphabetize public services.
* Fix alert deserialization errors.

Jan 29
Version 1.42

* Don't show empty headsign in stop info window.
* Fix rare crash on route detail screen.
* Fix crash when saving region if no network is available.
* Reposition route detail map camera if date changes.
* Fix crash on map location picker with large number of stops.
* Fix rare crashes with showcase views.
* Fix crashes when attempting SSO and no browser enabled on device.

Jan 06
Version 1.41

* Add My Trips screen.
* Add welcome screens to Tripshot Pay.
* Don't show scheduled time or delay for inexact loops.
* Improve location capturing on Vanpool completion.
* Don't show canceled ride information in vehicle marker info window.
* Customize Tripshot Pay screen depending on user feature set.
* Inform user if location services are off or disabled on Tripshot Pay screen.
* Refresh vehicle marker info windows automatically.

Nov 28
Version 1.40

* Push region preference to server if not already set.
* Fix rare crashes on Vanpool screen.

Nov 19
Version 1.39

* Update Android Pay branding to Google Pay.
* Fix issue when Trip Planner current location may be inaccurate or stale.

Nov 07
Version 1.38.2

* Clear logo cache on login screen.

Oct 31
Version 1.38.1

* Update Facebook SDK.
* Update HockeyApp SDK.
* Remove phone permission request.
* Remove unused external storage permission request.

Oct 21
Version 1.38

* Add welcome screens.
* Update Trip Planner text when no results are found.

Oct 16
Version 1.37

* Support rider configurable late threshold for route subscriptions.
* Show stop parking availability and descriptions.
* Support customer logos and custom text.
* Synchronize region preference with server.
* Remove generic Vanpool help text.
* Ensure that Vanpool notifications don't overwrite each other.
* Fix backstack issues when signing up for an account.
* Update target and compile SDK.
* Fix crash in location picker when large number of stops exceeds maximum intent extra size.

Sep 18
Version 1.35

* Reduce Trip Planner live status calls.
* Update TOS and Privacy Policy links.
* Show zero cost rides as "Free".

Aug 19
Version 1.34

* Support links in announcements.
* Hide On Demand functionality when appropriate.
* Collect name and email address on feedback screen if logged in users is anonymous.
* Support expandable notifications.
* Fix crash when clicking on stop marker on scheduled stop detail screen.

Jul 08
Version 1.33

* Show address on On Demand draft screen instead of "Current Location", and capture that address in requests.
* Fix crash when zooming map in high density areas.

Jun 06
Version 1.32

* Fix crash when zooming map in high density areas.

May 30
Version 1.31

* Rider feedback support.
* Support On Demand vehicle bearing.
* Add departure/arrival time button to Trip Planner.
* Animate Tripshot Pay ticket screen and change implementation of background image.
* Fix crash when navigating away from On Demand detail screen before image loaded.

Apr 12
Version 1.30.1

* Go straight to QR code scanner on Vanpool screen if user is not a member of any group.
* Start vanpool by group correctly.

Mar 21
Version 1.30

* Vanpool group support.
* Don't show old ETAs when On Demand ride is canceled.
* Fix crash when selecting trip when trip planner is loading.
* Scroll trip options dialog if necessary.

Feb 22
Version 1.29

* On Demand support.

Sep 25
Version 1.28

Tripshot Pay support.

Sep 07
Version 1.27

* Update Facebook SDK.
* Fix notifications on Android O.

Aug 20
Version 1.26

* Update min SDK version to 21.
* Update target SDK version to 26.
* Add adaptive icon support.
* Update Play Services version to 11.
* Support user self signup.

Jul 18
Version 1.25

* Move username/password login to secondary screen.
* Don't show vehicle on map until lateNoticeWarnTimeSec before ride start.
* Order inexact loop summaries by start time on route detail screen.
* Don't try to reuse anon user.
* Use scroll view for route detail non exact looping rides list.
* Show stop info window correctly on scheduled stop detail screen for exact looping rides.

Jun 03
Version 1.24.1

* Use public route name for vehicle marker info windows.

May 31
Version 1.24

* Show "No authentication methods configured." message when appropriate instead of blank screen.
* Save map camera position on route detail screen when switching to timetable.
* Fix z-index and anchor bugs for all map objects.
* Don't enforce main thread for event bus.
* Auto select closest region if possible.
* Update map vehicle marker.
* Use Ferry icon on map screens when appropriate.
* Move regionId from live status filter to query parameter.

Apr 27
Version 1.23.2

* Filter favorite plans by region and remove plans referencing non-existent stops.
* Filter alerts by region.
* Add region to live status filter.
* Refresh trip planner if region changed.
* Show trip ETAs for stops after midnight.
* Sort regions by name.

Apr 17
Version 1.23.1

* Region support bugfixes.
* Use vehicle status liveDataAvailable property.

Mar 22
Version 1.23

* Region support.
* Extended time of day support.
* Announcement support.
* Improved trip planner layout.
* Support for per instance notification methods.

Feb 23
Version 1.22

* Add scheduled stop detail screen.
* Strip seconds before calculating trip durations.
* Improve inexact looping route display.

Jan 04
Version 1.21

* Update Google Play Services and Google Support Library.
* Fix Vanpool bug when location services disabled.
* Fix timetable bug that causes stops to be duplicated.
* Modify vehicle info window for public users.

Sep 08
Version 1.15

* Fix double ripple on list view items.
* Add showcase views to guide users.
* Add OpenID Connect support.

Jul 12
Version 1.14

* Indicate protection/overflow rides in route detail timetable, and don't consider them when calculating effective dates.
* Update location picker to use SearchView.
* Add search capability to routes activity.
* Update launcher icon and app colors.

May 03
Version 1.12

Apr 20
Version 1.11

Mar 23
Version 1.10.1

Mar 03
Version 1.10

Feb 03
Version 1.9.1

Jan 25
Version 1.9

Jan 08
Version 1.8.1

Dec 14
Version 1.8

Oct 30
Version 1.7

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

Oct 01
Version 1.5

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

Aug 27
Version 1.4

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

Aug 12
Version 1.3

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

Jul 16
Version 1.2

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

Jun 23
Version 1.0

Tripshot allows passengers to view schedules, plan trips, set notifications, and view the real time status of their organization's vehicles.

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