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I Am Sober more than just a free sobriety counter app.

Along with tracking your sober days, it helps you build new habits and provides ongoing motivation by connecting you to a wide network of people all striving for the same goal: staying sober one day at a time.

Through our growing sober community you can learn from others and contribute by sharing insights and tactics that have worked for you.

**The I Am Sober app features:**

• Sober day tracker
To visualize how long you’ve been sober.

• Daily pledges & review
Take a pledge every day. Sobriety is a 24-hour struggle, so start your day off by making a pledge to stay sober. Then you can review how your day went and log notes at the end of the day.

• Sobriety calculator
View how much money & time you’ve saved by being sober.

• Analyze triggers
Recap each day and find patterns that made your day easier or more challenging than the last.

• Share your story
Either with others or for yourself, take photos and journal your progress directly in the app. Then choose to share it or save it as a reminder for yourself.

• Milestone tracker
Track and celebrate your milestones from 1 day, to 1 week, to 1 month and beyond. Compare experiences with others on their sober journey. Read how they felt at this milestone and what you can expect. If you’re struggling, share your story and invite others to offer help or advice.

• Withdrawal timeline
When you create an account and declare your addiction, you can instantly see a withdrawal timeline to get an idea of what to expect for your next few days (and weeks). What’s more, you can contribute to it. See how many others saw an increase in their restfulness vs those that saw an increase in anxiety. Prepare yourself for what’s to come in recovery.

• Customize your experience
You set the time, your sober birthday, the category of motivation you need, the addictions you’re trying to break, even the end-of-day summaries. Make the app customized to your lifestyle and tailored to your needs.

**Support providers:**

I Am Sober is currently developing the ability to pair with support providers. This would allow you to message your provider on a safe and secure platform, as well as share your daily activities with them. Support providers might include:

• Family members
• Recovery coaches
• Counselors, psychologists, therapists
• Inpatient and outpatient treatment centers

This program is currently in beta. Please reach out to sales@iamsober.com for more information.

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Version History

Launched Mar 15, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 22
Version 6.2.1

This release includes:
- Handle system font size better (for larger text)
- Fix for issue caused after deleting addiction
- Updates and improvements to our notification system
- Misc cleanup and fixes

Nov 22
Version 6.2

This release includes:
- Handle system font size better (for larger text)
- Fix for issue caused after deleting addiction
- Updates and improvements to our notification system
- Misc cleanup and fixes

Nov 17
Version 6.1.8

This is another small release that includes fixes for comments not getting cleared out after submit, and some crash fixes.

Nov 08
Version 6.1.7

This is a small release that fixes some navigation bugs.

Nov 01
Version 6.1.3

This release includes some support for iOS14 and a fix for notifications.

It also includes support the Swedish, French, and Dutch languages!

Oct 06
Version 6.1.2

This release adds a screen to your settings that will let you change your language.

This also includes official support for the Portuguese language!

We've also included some bug fixes as well.

Sep 22
Version 6.1.1

This includes our official Spanish translation - we now support the Spanish language.

To all you Spanish-speaking sobriety seekers, welcome to I Am Sober!

This also includes some improvements to our date formatting.

Sep 07
Version 6.1

For our Apple users, this release includes an improvement to our Apple Watch app to include Complications! This lets you add your sober time to various clock faces and lets you quickly access the Watch app.

This is also includes our first translation - we now support the German language.

To all you German-speaking sobriety seekers, welcome to I Am Sober!

Aug 26
Version 6.0.3

This is another small patch release with some fixes including:
- Keep community sub-navigation sticky to top as you scroll.
- Fix for preventing duplicate comments from being submitted.
- Fix where sometimes the Follow button wasn't reflecting status properly.
- Fix for bugginess when adding a suggestion for changes noticed.
- Several other small fixes.

Lastly, this includes more prep work for handling more languages coming very soon!

Aug 12
Version 6.0.2

This is a small patch release with bug fixes.

Jul 26
Version 6.0

This release includes:
- Added Xanax and Benzos to the main list of addictions
- Fix to correctly display the height of images on detail screens.
- Several smaller bug fixes.
- Prep work for localization (more languages coming soon - stay tuned!)

Jul 19
Version 5.1.1

This release includes a new My Followers screen so you can now see who is following you.
This also includes a new Summer skin, and some small bug fixes.

Jun 29
Version 5.1

This release includes some addiction and community reorganization!

Additions include:

- A new BFRB community for skin picking, hair pulling, and nail biting.
- New addictions for adderall, vaping, masturbation, energy drinks, and fentanyl.

Another community change you might notice is that you'll now have a Following feed. This is a new feed of stories, just from the people you're following.

Another improvement included is better notifications to keep you informed of what's happening.

Jun 17
Version 4.9.3

This is a small patch release with bug fixes.

In case you missed the notes on our last release, you can now edit your stories!
Once stories are posted, they can now be edited within 24 hours of being posted.

More to come soon!

May 10
Version 4.9.1

This is a small patch release that fixes a couple of minor issues with our latest backups release.

With the backups release, subscribers now have access to data backups in the cloud.

This also includes a few other small improvements like layout support for devices with a notch.

May 02
Version 4.8.1

Apr 07
Version 4.8

This release includes:

- Day Zero milestone: now if someone resets, they can post here instead of having to wait until Day One milestone.
- Improvements to our moderation tools so stories get approved much faster.
- Show the date you'll reach your next milestone. If it's hours away, show the number of hours left.
- Add the ability to share your story.
- A new purple rain skin
- Several bug fixes.

Mar 31
Version 4.71

This release includes:

- Fix for a bug that kept notifications for comments from being sent out.
- Added two new milestones for 8 and 9 days
- A new I Am Stoic motivation pack
- Ability to reset motivation pack messages
- Motivation and settings screen improvements
- Several bug fixes

More stuff coming soon! Send your feedback to support@iamsober.com.

Mar 13
Version 4.6

We've been hard at work and it's been awhile since we've had an update. This includes:

- User blocking. If someone posts stories or comments that aren't your cup of tea, you can now block them to no longer see their content.
- A new Night Sky skin.
- A lot of backend support for our new support provider pairing that is still in the works.
- Community guidelines updates.
- Several bug fixes.

Please keep your feedback coming to support@iamsober.com. Thanks!

Feb 17
Version 4.51

This is a small patch release that includes:

- Fix for those who reported posting a story with an image that would disappear.
- A couple other small UI fixes and cleanup.

Thanks for your feedback!

Dec 05
Version 4.3

This is a patch-release that includes some fixes and improvements.

- Fix for error after getting a comment notification
- Fix for older devices that may crash on startup
- Toned down the new pledge animation
- Various other small UI and infrastructure fixes

Nov 20
Version 4.1

Dark Mode For Everyone + Skins!
This release allows anyone to enable dark mode now.
We also added a bunch of new premium skins that can set the app to a unique look and feel. Sober Plus subscribers get access to all of these. You can find all these in your Settings.
As always, please keep your feedback coming.

Nov 10
Version 4.0

Nov 03
Version 3.98

This release includes improvements to our community profiles. Now you can:

- Tap on profiles to view all posts from that person.
- Follow people and see their progress through the stories they post.
- View all the people your following and keep up to date with their progress.
- View My Stories from the main Community tab.

This also includes some bug fixes. Thanks for all your feedback!

Oct 20
Version 3.97

This is a smaller release that includes:

- Added a new Courses section in the Support tab.
- Handle dates and times better by properly formatting them for people outside of US.
- Add a calendar picker for improved date selection experience.
- Improved the look of the status bar.
- Add an option to review today anyway in review helper modal.
- Several infrastructure improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 07
Version 3.95

This is a patch release that includes several bug fixes and improvements.

It also includes a new motivation pack called I Am At Peace.

We have much more in the works, stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!

Sep 10
Version 3.94

Comments for the community!
We're excited to allow commenting on stories.

We also added a Community tab. Now you can view stories from milestones and addictions besides your own.

Our community is very supportive and awesome and we hope you'll help us keep it this way. We have plans to make our community even better. Please keep your feedback coming!

Sep 08
Version 3.93

This is a patch release that includes:

- Updates to our infrastructure for better performance
- Fix for savings rounding issue
- Fix to display sober verbiage correctly for alcohol-related addictions
- Include a resources section in the Support tab with recommended books

We've got some cool stuff in the works - stay tuned and send us your feedback at support@iamsober.com!

Aug 22
Version 3.91

This is a boring patch release that includes some infrastructure improvements.

Aug 05
Version 3.9

This includes some additional milestones and bug fixes from our last release which included:

- 2 new motivation packs. I Am Logic and The New Me.
- A seven-day pledge challenge that will earn you The New Me pack.
- Main pledges screen is now a scrolling days list.
- Added a notes screen to the Pledges tab that is a list of all your notes.
- Performance improvements for pledges.
- Better handle case when reviewing after midnight.

We have more in the works, thanks for all your feedback!

Jul 17
Version 3.6

This is a small fix release that fixes a bug that prevented adding a new activity.

Jun 14
Version 3.5

This is a small release that includes:

- Improvements to the main and milestone screens to make stories more findable
- Added video games as a top-level addiction
- Infrastructure improvements and bug fixes

Jun 12
Version 3.4

Jun 03
Version 3.2

This is a smaller release that includes:
- Bug fixes and feedback tweaks
- Performance improvements
- Break out milestone notifications into their own notification type

May 10
Version 3.0

With this release, we are introducing a set of Sober Plus features. You can continue to use the app for free, but a Sober Plus subscription will support our development and provide you with some extra functionality.

What's included:
- Locked access to keep your tracking private
- Night mode skin for ideal night-time viewing
- Access to all of our motivation packs
- Track up to 10 addictions
- Get a subscriber badge on your stories

Thanks for all of your feedback, we hope you enjoy!

Apr 21
Version 2.49

Mar 17
Version 2.48

Thanks for all of your feedback from the previous releases - we heard you!

- Fix for wiping pledge after review.
- If you haven't pledged at the end of the day, still show the pledge button.

Pledges list screen:
- Brought mood emoji faces.
- Clearly indicate which days you didn't stay sober.
- Moved difficulty indicators and made smaller.

Calendar screen:
- Reverted style and clearly indicate which days you didn't stay sober.
- Separate modes for viewing sobriety and pledge streak.

Mar 04
Version 2.47

Fixes a bug that users were experience in the new review flow.

Jan 29
Version 2.45

Jan 09
Version 2.44

This release fixes a bug for some people who were not receiving their notifications.

Jan 07
Version 2.43

Happy New Year!

This update includes a new motivation pack "The Bard".

It also includes some fixes and upgrades to our codebase.

- Added some additional milestone change suggestions.
- Fix for accurate review counts when removing a review.
- Notification fixes.
- Currency display fix for savings.
- Misc UI cleanup.

Dec 12
Version 2.42

This update includes a few smaller improvements:
- Added upcoming milestones to the milestone list screen so you can see milestones that you're approaching.
- Added response counts to milestone changes.
- Added a couple more milestones.
- Counter widget is now sticky. If you leave viewing your day counter, when you come back it will still show the day counter by default instead of the clock.
- Misc performance improvements and bug fixes.

Dec 04
Version 2.41

Now you can add photos to the reason you are staying sober and view them every day when you pledge! Also more:

- Select photos from your photo library for milestone and reason photos.
- Remove milestone or reason photos.
- Updated list of changes for various milestones.
- Added upcoming milestones back to the Next milestone screen.
- Fixed a bug where pack background images were showing up incorrectly.
- Misc cleanup and bug fixes.

Nov 28
Version 2.40

In this release, we're starting to improve milestones.

- Report changes that you've noticed upon reaching certain milestones.
- See what changes to expect for your next upcoming milestone.
- Milestones now go by days.
- Added many more milestones.
- Added a new Account screen where you can manage your settings all in one place.
- Added two new quote packs: I Am Killing It, and Christian Strength Vol 2.
- Fixed milestone photos not being taken.
- Misc performance improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 30
Version 2.39

This update includes:
- More performance updates.
- Fix a case where if you already own the pack and you try to purchase again, the pack gets added back to your list of active packs.
- Fixes bug where tapping "Review Today" button while you are on a previous month would review the day in that selected month, instead of today.
- Misc cleanup and fixes.

Oct 11
Version 2.38

Small bug fix release.

Oct 10
Version 2.37

This is a small release that fixes:

- Issues some users were having with the purchase motivation pack flow and restoring purchases
- Some screens not updating after changes were made

Oct 07
Version 2.36

This update includes:

- New motivational pack "I Am Hopeful".
- If you've already pledged or reviewed, no longer send the notification for that day.
- Bring back the carousel for daily motivation so you can swipe motivations after pledging.
- Add the ability to make motivation packs active or inactive.
- Add the ability to retroactively mark days as pledged.
- Pledge confirmation fun screen.
- Misc bug fixes.

Sep 25
Version 2.35

This is a smaller release that includes:

- Better support for newer devices
- Another round of performance improvements to make the app snappier and more responsive
- Some updates to our support screens
- Misc bug fixes and improvements

Sep 16
Version 2.34

This is smaller release that includes:

- Verbiage improvements.
- Bug fix for an error caused when deleting and adding a new addiction.
- Bug fix for when daily motivation was occasionally not updating correctly.
- Misc UI nits and improvements.
- Better handle "unseen" milestone achievements.

Sep 08
Version 2.33

This release adds better error handling and fixes a white-screen issue affecting some users.

Sep 05
Version 2.30

This is a hot-fix that fixes a blank white screen issue on first load.

Aug 07
Version 2.28

Various improvements and fixes in this release!
* You can now see all your past start dates in the addiction setting screen.
* We've simplified the motivation list UI.
* We now send better notifications when you've hit a milestone.
* Fixed a bug which caused purchased motivation packs to not properly unlock for some users.

Jul 27
Version 2.27

This is a bug fix release to fix a crash affecting some users introduced earlier this week.

Jul 25
Version 2.26

This is another smaller release that includes some bug fixes and some scaffolding work for improved support pages which are coming soon. Stay tuned for more!

Jul 11
Version 2.25

This fixes the issue of notifications not happening on devices using Oreo. Thanks for your support!

Jul 08
Version 2.24

This includes a couple of bug fixes from our last release including:
* White screen when viewing today's motivation
* App was crashing when sharing a motivational message

Thanks for your support and send us your feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Jul 04
Version 2.23

This release focuses on some much needed improvements for sharing and other things including:

* Mostly native sharing for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via a new sharing modal screen.
* Removed swiping of reasons on Make pledge modal (causing issues) and instead stack them.
* Removed "did you make it?" pledge review message.
* Misc polish and fixes.

Thanks for your support - always feel free to reach out to us at support@iamsoberapp.com with your feedback!

Jun 11
Version 2.22

This release includes:

* Fixes duplicate motivational messages in all packs.
* Added two new motivation packs - I Am Confident, and Wisdom of the Masters
* Better UI around daily reviews to help indicate that when you select "No" ie: you relapsed, it will reset your start date.
* Couple other minor improvements

Always feel free to reach out to us at support@iamsoberapp.com. Thanks!

Jun 04
Version 2.21

In this update, we include the following changes:

* When you select "no" from the pledge review, this will now reset your addiction's start date as well.
* Updated the Christian pack to include verses from NKJV.
* Fixes a repeating motivation bug.
* Misc UI improvements and bug fixes.

As always, send us your feedback to support@iamsoberapp.com.

May 28
Version 2.20

This is a small update that includes a couple of bug fixes.

May 21
Version 2.19

In this release, we are really excited to bring you some additional motivational packs. These will be packs of motivational messages that include:

* Aphorisms
* Exercises
* Affirmations
* Quotes
* Verses

Each pack will be offered as an in-app purchase and will contain 30 days of messages. You'll still be able to get The Sober Start pack for free which also has 30 days of messages.

We have more packs in store, but as always we'd love to hear your feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com. Thanks!

Apr 17
Version 2.18

This is a smaller update that includes some bug fixes and improvements including:

* You now have the ability to reorder your addictions
* You now have the ability to add/edit/delete daily review activities
* "Remove all data for this day" no longer removes pledged flag and added confirmation prompt
* Updated Yes/No functionality for better UX
* Misc UI and animation updates

Thanks for the support!

Apr 06
Version 2.17

Pledge reviews are here! Now you can follow up on your pledges at the end of every day:

* Rate the difficulty of staying sober today
* Identify triggers, things that made your day easier or harder
* Take notes to remember how you got through impossible days as well as what made good days so good
* Retroactively mark days you stuck to your pledge

We also included a few bug fixes and performance improvements. We're excited to get your feedback around reviews. Thanks for your support!

Mar 22
Version 2.16

This release includes some improvements to help us manage bugs and also includes some bug fixes.

We are working on better pledges and being able to review your pledge for the day. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming! :)

Mar 07
Version 2.15

This includes some improvements to our notification system along with some bug fixes. We have some stuff in the works that we're excited to share with you! Stay tuned.

Mar 02
Version 2.14

We are continuing to improve and update our app infrastructure. This also includes a couple of small bug fixes. Thanks for the support!

Feb 18
Version 2.13

This is another small update where we created an app help settings page under Support that now contains frequently asked questions and our version history. We also included a few bug fixes. Keep on the sober path!

Feb 12
Version 2.12

Thanks for staying sober! :)
This is another smaller update that includes some bug fixes. We also added some additional motivation, along with the ability to track your savings overall - even after you reset your start date.
We have some stuff in the works, and as always - please send us your thoughts and feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Feb 07
Version 2.11

Thanks for staying sober! :)
This is another smaller update that includes some bug fixes. We also added some additional motivation, along with the ability to track your savings overall - even after you reset your start date.
We have some stuff in the works, and as always - please send us your thoughts and feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Jan 15
Version 2.10

This is a smaller update that fixes some bugs and changed some support screens.
Keep your feedback coming in at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Dec 15
Version 2.9

Staying sober means you take things one day at a time. Now every day you can make a pledge to stay sober from your habits or addictions and track those pledges.
* Set a time to get a daily reminder to make your pledge.
* Set up a reason you want to stay sober and look at that reason every day!
* Track your pledges on a calendar screen.
* Track your pledge streaks.
We have much more in the works, as always please send us your feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Nov 30
Version 2.8

We've been adding in more of the features you have been requesting:
* You now have the ability to add custom habits!
* You can now change savings type to time instead of money.
* You can now search through AA meetings for the New York and Seattle areas.
* We will be adding meetings for other locations soon!
* You can add meetings to your Calendar or get directions via Maps.
* Some misc bug fixes.
We appreciate your feedback - send your thoughts our way at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Nov 01
Version 2.6

This is a smaller release that includes:
* Updated daily motivations
* Updated animated milestone achievement on stats screen
* Slowly starting to add in some of our support providers

Oct 15
Version 2.5

Multiple habits are finally here! Now you can track up to 5 habits.
We also continue to update the list of motivational messages to keep them fresh.
Please reach out to us with any feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Jun 08
Version 2.3

We have more features in the works, but this update has some fixes and feature requests:
* New counter detail screen that tracks your hours, minutes, and seconds.
* Added more types of habits to the habit list
* Added progress bars for all unreached milestones
* Added total number of days display on the counter detail screen
* Better daily notifications
* Added Rupees to currency list
Please feel free to provide any feedback at support@iamsoberapp.com.

Mar 15
Version 1.1

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