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Caustic Guide is a Library Manager that imports and exports Caustic 3.2 rack data.

- Create new empty Template or a Template from an existing .caustic file, A Template is a proxy of a .caustic file with metadata.
- When choosing a .caustic file to create as Template, you can play/audition the .caustic file in the browser real-time and look at another users' metadata they added.
- Export Templates as a .caustic file with metadata that shows in the popup when the Caustic App is opened.
- Batch export Caustic preset files for each selected machine.
- Batch export Sounds(complete machine state, preset, 2 effects, mixer, pattern data, pattern automation, song pattern track, song piano roll, song automation.) Custom metadata can be applied to all Sounds before export.
- Export a Group of Sounds. This is 1..14 Sounds that are copies of full Caustic machine state as listed above.

When importing a .caustic file with Modulars that have MachineInput components, the Group export screen will list the master and slave relationships. Also, checking a Master will select all slave machine automatically for export in the group.

- Import Preset, Sound or Group into an existing Template as a new machine or in the case of a Group, multiple machines. When importing, you will have the granular option of importing any piece of the Sound e.g. mixer, patterns automation etc that you will use in the new .caustic file.

Check out the promo video and youtube Caustic Guide play list for a lot more information and tutorials.

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Version History

Launched Feb 27, 2017 (about 2 years ago).
Mar 02
Version 1.0.22

- Fixed FileDialog - Save as not enabling OK for directory selection on init.
- Fixed - Various null pointer UI bugs.

Feb 27
Version 1.0.21

Initial Release.


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