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Retrain the brain to move the eyes correctly by scanning from left to right across the screen. Strengthening this essential skill can improve reading, concentration, memory, attention to detail, and speed of processing.

Two powerful modes help brain injury and stroke survivors with left neglect improve at home while also helping occupational therapy (OT) and speech therapy (SLP) professionals to efficiently assess for right or left neglect and provide more effective treatment.

• Use the Test mode to determine if and where a visual attention deficit exists.
• Use the Practice mode to train scanning by finding targets in order.

See how it can help – download Visual Attention Therapy Lite for FREE!

Cancellation tasks just got better. This professional cognitive training app takes a familiar format for treating left neglect and transforms it into a dynamic, interactive tool for all ages. Visual Attention Therapy offers benefits that can only be achieved through technology:

• Targets must be tapped from left to right, top to bottom in Practice mode, which trains users to slow down and scan the entire screen before they move on.
• Immediate feedback with visual and auditory cues keeps users engaged.
• Timed exercises increase motivation to work quickly and accurately.
Stop wasting time counting errors! Automated scoring includes data for accuracy by quadrant, time for completion, and mistakes in professional e-mailed reports.
• Adjustable layouts and 10 levels of difficulty allow you to customize the experience to meet changing needs or multiple users.
• Sidebar signal can flash in a variety of colors to draw attention to the left or right.
• An endless variety of combinations eliminates the need to photocopy exercises, with the option to print screenshots when you need a traditional exercise.
• Use only one target to focus on scanning, or use two targets at once to challenge users with working memory and alternating attention deficits.

Race against the clock to improve scores while improving cognitive and reading skills. Levels featuring letters can support literacy goals, while symbol-based levels challenge visual memory skills. It’s an occupational therapy dream come true!

Visual Attention Therapy was developed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and is used worldwide in speech and occupational therapy (OT) to help adults with left neglect after stroke and brain injury. It is also used with children with dyslexia and attentional deficits by reading specialists and neuropsychologists.

Don’t just tell your patients to look to the left – train them. Modernize your occupational therapy or speech therapy exercises with a left neglect training tool that improves stroke and brain injury rehab. Download it now!

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Version History

Launched Mar 01, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Apr 29
Version 1.2.16

* New and improved setting to adjust the number of items on the screen
- Now you only need to select the Field Size instead of adjusting lines, spacing, and font size

* Levels are now numbered, making it easier to adjust the difficulty
- You can now see which level you're on while you're working

* Lots of little changes to make this app more consistent with the other great Tactus Therapy apps in design and functionality

Aug 29
Version 1.2

- minor fixes

Nov 07
Version 1.1

- improve the layout on larger phones
- other minor fixes to improve user experience

Feb 28
Version 1.0

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