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Tackle apraxia and aphasia head-on with a powerful speech therapy app that uses video to help people speak again. Get unlimited practice, everywhere you go.

Dealing with the daunting speech challenges that come with verbal apraxia and aphasia is hard. Whether you’re a stroke survivor, family member, or speech-language pathologist (SLP), get an app that can help you overcome that frustration.

• Trust an evidence-based speech therapy app designed by experts
• Get a versatile tool that gives you unlimited hours of use
Motivate practice and help build confidence and independence
• Get an app that’s perfect for both home and clinical settings
• Interact with professionally produced VAST* video
• Use e-mailed reports and customizability to seamlessly fit the app into your therapy program
• All with no subscriptions, so you have access for as long as you need it

See it in action – download Apraxia Therapy Lite for FREE today!

* What is VAST? Video-Assisted Speech Therapy: innovative video technology that uses mouth movements, sounds, and other cues to help people speak in unison.

Get results you can hear. Here’s how it works.

1) Enter a responsive and distraction-free experience with high-quality videos produced by SpeakinMotion.
2) Watch the video model’s mouth movements, listen, tap along in rhythm, and speak in unison.
3) Repeat as the audio fades out, using the video to keep speech going strong.
4) Speak alone with only visual support.
5) Work through 3 different speeds and varying difficulty levels so your experience is always at just the right pace.
6) With practice and the app’s gentle guidance, you can begin to speak fluently.

The best part? Your speech is recorded automatically and played for self-assessment – and you can quickly and simply save these recordings through e-mail to share with your therapist or family.

It takes practice to change the brain – and that’s how we can help.

Get every feature you need in one easy app.

• 110 conversational phrases, 60 long words, and 5 automatic sequences in one package
• Videos that include functional everyday greetings, expressions, and more
• The ability for users to hear their own fluent speech
• Great for mild, moderate, or severe aphasia, apraxia, or autism
• Use the same tools at home as are used in therapy
• Adjustable difficulty, speed, and many more options for a personalized experience
• Designed with adults in mind but easy enough for children to use, with a little help
• No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed

You can do this. Imagine a stroke survivor with limited speech recording “I love you” and sending it to the people who matter most in their lives. There’s hope.

Get started right now – or try it for FREE with Apraxia Therapy Lite.

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Version History

Launched Nov 14, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Aug 29
Version 1.3

We have significantly reduced the size of the app on your device.

Nov 16
Version 1.2

- improve layout on larger phones
- fixes for crashes some users were experiencing

Feb 28
Version 1.1

- we've now included a link to our privacy policy on the Info screen

Nov 17
Version 1.0.2

Nov 16
Version 1.0.1

Nov 14
Version 1.0

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