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Sometimes just giving a hint or context is all your listener needs to understand you. The first letter or two. The general topic. AlphaTopics is the perfect AAC app for people whose natural speech is not always clear.

Stop wasting time navigating to the right word or typing it out. Get your point across faster by touching just the first few letters of the words you say. Give your listener context by starting the conversation with the topic. Write it out with your finger or draw a picture. Don’t let overly complicated apps slow you down.

Tactus Therapy, a trusted name in speech therapy apps, brings you a new take on a classic communication tool. AlphaTopics includes 3 AAC communication boards loaded with features:

1) Letter Board
- 26 letters in alphabetical order or 2 variations of frequency order
- 10 single digits allow you to express any number
- Vowels highlighted and aligned for faster navigation
- Natural or automated speech reads out the name of each letter or number
- Yes, no, question, smiley, space, and backspace buttons for prosody and function

2) Topic Board
- Fully customizable text you can re-order
- Voice output with adjustable speech rate
- Two sizes of grid to display 12 or 24 topics
- Pre-filled with functional topics for adults

3) Whiteboard
- Write or draw on the screen
- 6 colors and 4 widths
- Export to Photos or e-mail

When used together, alphabet and topic boards have been scientifically shown to make the speech of people with motor speech disorders far more understandable. Combined with the whiteboard, these tools help people with aphasia express themselves more clearly with self-cueing and strategy use.

Stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and motor neuron disease are all conditions that can impair speech production.

Pointing to the first letter in each word not only gives the listener more information about the word, it also encourages the speaker to slow down and separate words, actually making the words clearer! Using alphabet supplementation, studies show intelligibility of sentences improves 25% on average.

Pointing to the topic before speaking narrows the range of possibilities for the listener, giving context. Studies show using a topic cue improves word understanding by an average of 28%. Topics can also be used by people with aphasia, a language disorder, to help pinpoint the intended message.

Additional Features:
* Adjustable settings for visual, physical, language, and cognitive impairments
* Works with built-in scanning and guided access
* 4 color schemes
* Pick which board comes up when you start the app
* Export any board you've customized to print or share

Visit tactustherapy.com for more information on how to use this app, the evidence to support this form of AAC, and a day-by-day account of how this app was made.

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Launched Oct 23, 2018 (11 months ago).
Nov 20
Version 1.0

AlphaTopics is now available on Android