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If your reading skills have been impacted by a stroke or brain injury, this app can help you improve. Practice reading with engaging exercises that include text and audio supports.

Advanced Reading Therapy uses technology to assist struggling adult readers to make sense of paragraph- and multi-paragraph-level passages. Self-ratings encourage metacognitive awareness, comprehension questions test accuracy, and hints enable greater success and independence. Score reports make it easy to see progress (and write progress notes) along the three graded levels:

* Level 1: Shorter passages of 50 words or less, written around a Grade 0 – 1 reading level. Three questions after each passage test comprehension.

** Level 2: Medium passages of 50-150 words, written around Grade 2 – 3 reading level. Four questions appear to see how well you understood.

*** Level 3: Harder passages get you ready for the texts you want to read. 150 – 600 words and Grade 3 – 6 reading level with five questions each.

Adult readers will enjoy these functional and entertaining passages as they get back to reading the pages and screens in their own lives. Speech-language pathologists will love having so many modern reading passages with carefully-crafted questions at hand to teach strategies.

Built-in audio controls let you listen to a single word, go sentence-by-sentence, or hear the whole article – whatever you need. You’ll get over 200 reading rehabilitation exercises in 15 categories!


• Text-to-speech available on touch
• Adjust font size, spacing, and rate at any time
• On-screen audio recording to listen to yourself reading aloud
• Self-rating of comprehension encourages metacognitive awareness
• Inference and prediction question encourage thinking outside the text
• Huge variety of topics to appeal to mature readers
• E-mail reports for easy data tracking
• Unique categories such as Jokes, Inferences, First Chapters, Text Messages, and Functional Passages
• Look back at the passage any time, or have the relevant text highlighted with a Hint

Tactus Therapy offers a wide variety of apps to help with reading comprehension. Advanced Reading Therapy is the next step in your rehab after mastering the single words in Comprehension Therapy, the phrases and sentences of Reading Therapy, and the complex sentences of Advanced Comprehension Therapy. All of our apps work together to help you reach your reading goals. Find the right apps for you with our app finder: www.tactustherapy.com/find

 $24.99 in Google Play


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Version History

Launched Feb 19, 2018 (11 months ago).
Oct 28
Version 1.1

- minor fixes

Mar 29
Version 1.0

Advanced Reading Therapy is now available on Android!


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