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Train your brain to listen carefully with this professional speech therapy app. Three activities help you with understanding sentences, following directions, and improving language processing. If you’re looking for a speech therapy app for adults with communication and cognitive impairments that takes understanding beyond single words, this is the app for you.

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Advanced Comprehension Therapy will help you find where comprehension breaks down, then help you build it back up with 3 classic speech therapy activities targeting sentence-level listening and reading comprehension.

1) IDENTIFY the picture that matches the sentence, increasing in syntactic complexity. Start by finding the picture that matches a sentence like “The baby is sleeping.” Work up to finding “She is given a gift by him” from closely related pictures.

• 12 levels of difficulty for understanding sentences with 730 unique trials
• Listen, Read, & Both modes to focus on auditory, reading, or total comprehension
• Includes those tricky pronouns (he/she/they), indirect objects (to her, to him), reversible sentences, & passives

2) BUILD a sentence by focusing on each word & how they all fit together. Arrange the words one-by-one to match the pictured sentence you hear. Start with 3 words and work up to 9.

• 12 sentence types in 730 unique trials
• Add up to 3 extra words for extra challenge
• Hear each word as you touch it

3) FOLLOW directions of increasing difficulty in 1-, 2-, & 3-step commands. Start with exercises like “Touch the pencil.” Work up to brain-bending challenges like “Before you touch the large yellow striped circle, touch the small blue solid star.”

• 16 levels of difficulty for following directions
• Listen, Read, & Both modes to focus on auditory, reading, or total comprehension
• Includes basic, temporal, & conditional commands in a hierarchy of 1-, 2-, & 3-step directions

In All Activities:

• Enjoy 1000’s of unique stimuli with hundreds of photos
• Use hints when you get stuck so you always finish successfully
• Track progress with detailed e-mail reports
• Record yourself on-screen and send it when you’re finished
• Designed with adults in mind
• No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed

Who is Advanced Comprehension Therapy for?

• Speech-Language Pathologists
• Adults with Aphasia (mild-moderate)
• Stroke & TBI Survivors
• Anyone who has mastered the single words in Comprehension Therapy or Language 4-in-1 & wants to take their therapy to the next level!

Which skills does this app target to help with following directions and understanding sentences?

• Auditory Comprehension (listening)
• Reading Comprehension
• Attention to Detail
• Working Memory (holding information)
• Nouns & Pronouns (he/she/it/they)
• Adjectives (colors, size, shading)
• Syntactic Processing (understanding grammar)
• Temporal Concepts (before/after)
• Conditional Directions (if/then)
• Problem Solving (using hint/repeat or fixing errors)

Download now to get started – or try it for FREE with Advanced Language Therapy Lite!

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Version History

Launched May 26, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 02
Version 1.3.47

- fix a rare crash that some users were experiencing

May 30
Version 1.3.43

- fix a rare crash that some users were experiencing

May 05
Version 1.3.40

- minor fixes

May 01
Version 1.3.38

- minor fixes

Aug 28
Version 1.3

- minor fixes

Oct 04
Version 1.2

- allow the automated voice to use different English accents based on the language of your device
- other small fixes and improvements

Jun 08
Version 1.1

- minor fixes

May 26
Version 1.0

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