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Police Speed & Traffic Camera Radar & Detector is used to detect threats on the road. Such as speed cameras (mobile ambush. static speed cameras. red light cameras). Speed bumps. Bad roads and etc. The app behaves like real detector. The search operation of the Police Speed & Traffic Camera Radar & Detector scanner is designated by a revolving moving picture and the replicated the speed of car This Free Police Speed & Traffic Camera Radar & Detector application notices secure speed cameras. Spidercam Detector Top Police Speed & Traffic Camera Radar & Detector detects ALL types fixed speed Red light speeding camera detector camera. Mobile speed camera. Tunnel speed camera. Red light camera. Police control and black spot. Speed camera detector free.
Fast and Unique Speed Camera Detector
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Join App Database and other drivers & report new traps
• Report new traps
• Police radar report.
• Mobile camera with a single tap report.
• Get help from other drivers.
• stop worrying about speeding ticket and fines.
Retain track of valuable figures about your heavy with Trip log
• Speedometer
• Your perfect GPS mileage log tracker.
• Track your mileage.
• View your driving history.
• see the useful statistics.
Advantages of the app Police speed camera and radar detector
• Absolutely free
• No registration needed
• See high-speed cameras and police patrols.
• See traffic jams
• Works in Radar Detector mode
• Shows speed limits on road sections near high-speed cameras and police patrols (if speed limits are introduced by users).
• See the speed limit camera and work for the road you are traveling on.
• Get the real-time warnings of speed police work and secure speed cameras place.
• Know about speed limit changes.
• Know about the exceeding the speed limit.
• More securely thanks to audible and graphic warning.
• Show speed limits and notices also in other apps.
• Track your distance
• Useful driving stats using Trip log feature.
• Record videos.
Getting Started Police Speed & Traffic Camera Radar & Detector
• Set a Marker where u didn’t get the camera if u see the camera.
• Set a marker where u didn’t get the police if u see the police.
• Set the marker where u d dint get the working if u see the working side on the road.
• Set and get any notification about police, working and camera.
• To run the hazard detection mode.
• Notify for others.
• The application notifies only the dangers that are along your route.
• You can call main setting, swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right.
• You can call dangers filter.

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Version History

Launched Jul 31, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Apr 03
Version 1.7

Mar 26
Version 1.6

Mar 09
Version 1.5

Mar 05
Version 1.4

Feb 13
Version 1.3

Sep 24
Version 1.2

Jul 30
Version 1.0

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