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Using the award-winning Believe Oracle Card app will help you to strengthen your belief in yourself and build confidence in your personal qualities and abilities. Use the Believe Oracle Cards to identify where you may be struggling to trust in yourself. Uncover where you are simply repeating old learnt patterns that are no longer relevant in your life. The oracle cards will also help you to take action and to bring new experiences into your life; to positively connect and communicate with others, to be inspired and to grow in self-confidence and self-belief.

Every day is unique. Each time you pull a Believe Oracle Card you will be guided to review a particular aspect of your beliefs. The message on the card will direct you towards an area of belief that you hold, and ask you to consider how you feel about that aspect, and how you could change your usual pattern of behaviour. Each time you take action on an oracle card, you will start to transform your life. To keep you accountable in a fun way, you will be rewarded with a beautiful butterfly to remind you of the progress you are making!

The Believe Oracle Cards are a simple and effective way of getting to know yourself and how to overcome the challenges you face. These uplifting oracle cards will help you to get in touch with your authentic self, increase your confidence and self-belief, and encourage you to take action to achieve your dreams!

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Launched May 26, 2015 (almost 4 years ago).
May 25
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