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Privacy Browser has two primary goals.

1. Minimize the amount of information that is sent to the internet.

2. Minimize the amount of information that is stored on the device.

Most browsers silently give websites massive amounts of information that allows them to track you and compromise your privacy. Websites and ad networks use technologies like JavaScript, cookies, DOM storage, user agents, and many other things to uniquely identify each user and track them between visits and across the web.

In contrast, privacy sensitive features are disabled by default in Privacy Browser. If one of these technologies is required for a website to function correctly, the user may choose to turn it on for just that visit. Or, they can use domain settings to automatically turn on certain features when entering a specific website and turn them off again when leaving.

Privacy Browser currently uses Android’s built-in WebView to render web pages. As such, it works best when the latest version of WebView is installed (see https://www.stoutner.com/privacy-browser/common-settings/webview/). In the 4.x series, Privacy Browser will switch to a forked version of Android’s WebView called Privacy WebView that will allow for advanced privacy features.

Warning: Android KitKat (version 4.4.x, API 19) ships an older version of OpenSSL, which is susceptible to MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks when browsing websites that use outdated protocols and cipher suites. More information about this issue is available at https://www.stoutner.com/kitkat-security-problems/.

• Integrated EasyList ad blocking.
• Tor Orbot proxy support.
• SSL certificate pinning.
• Import/export of settings and bookmarks.

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Version History

Launched Feb 23, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 30 days, on average.

May 26
Version 3.1

• Add a close tab button to the app bar.
• Fix the left and right scrolling of website elements, which also makes the app bar scroll more smoothly.
• Add a blocklist loading splash screen and decrease the app load time.
• Add URL modification for Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter.
• Add the ability to open an image in a new tab.
• Fix the context menu web search.
• Fix undesired restarts when entering or exiting split screen mode.
• Fix browsing with some file managers.

May 01
Version 3.0.1

• Fix a bug that allowed the app bar to be scrolled off the screen when app bar scrolling was disabled, with no way to scroll it back.
• Fix a bug that prevented the app bar from being displayed after a tab was deleted if the new active tab was blank.
• Fix a rare crash when some pages finished loading.
• Make the back button close a tab if the WebView is at the beginning of the history list.

Apr 25
Version 3.0

• Add tabbed browsing.
• Fix a bug that caused the bottom of the WebView to be cut off when scrolling the app bar was disabled.
• Fix a bug that caused Privacy Browser to restart whenever a Bluetooth keyboard was connected/disconnected.
• Updated German translation provided by Bernhard G. Keller.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Russian translation.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León.
• Partial Turkish translation.

Mar 04
Version 2.17.1

• Fix a crash caused by bookmarks with very large favorite icons.
• Allow moving Privacy Browser to an SD card.

Feb 27
Version 2.17

• Add the ability to scroll the app bar.
• Create a Logcat Activity.
• Allow users to specify the URL and which browser to open when creating a desktop shortcut.
• Add Open With entries to the link and image context menus.
• Allow setting default apps from the Open With chooser.
• Fix a bug that allowed URL syntax highlighting while typing.
• Fix the pinned mismatch dialog sometimes showing when there is no mismatch.

Jan 30
Version 2.16

• Fix a bug, introduced in 2.15, that caused SSL certificate pinning to be ignored in most cases.
• Add IP address pinning to domain settings.
• Create menu options for opening with apps and other browsers.
• Improve the text selection color in dark mode.
• Implement various improvements to the bookmarks database view activity.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Russian translation.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León.

Dec 27
Version 2.15.1

• Fix a bug that caused some devices to crash when opening a secondary activity.

Dec 23
Version 2.15

• Fix a bug when changing the user agent with domain settings.
• Fix the drawer layouts on phones with notches.
• Make the URL syntax highlighting call out the principal domain.
• Fix a bug when opening a drawer while text is selected.
• Fix two bugs with EasyList.
• Add support for file:// and content:// URLs.
• Update several preference names.
• Register Privacy Browser as a web search provider.
• Add instructions for downloading files to Guide > Tor.

Dec 07
Version 2.14

• Add encrypted import and export options.
• Fix a bug when importing databases under certain circumstances.
• Add an options entry to quickly toggle proxying through Orbot.
• Add an option to download files using an external app.
• Fix the deletion of DOM storage.
• Scroll to the beginning of the URL text box after editing.
• Allow exiting the Bookmarks activity directly from a subfolder.
• Change the app icon back to the old style for older versions of Android.

Oct 28
Version 2.13

• Add importing and exporting of bookmarks and settings (includes the read storage permission).
• Switch default loading of URLs from HTTP to HTTPS.
• Display how many items are blocked by each blocklist with live updates.
• Add user agent and night mode controls to the options menu.
• Fix a bug with disappearing system bars after watching a full screen video.
• Fix the Clear Data menu item status on Oreo (Android 8.0) and newer.
• Bump target API to 28 (Android 9 Pie).

Jul 30
Version 2.12

• Change the default homepage and search engine to Searx.me.
• Add UltraPrivacy to the blocklists.
• Add an option to block all third-party resource requests.
• Add blocklist controls to the options menu.
• Add a Guide tab explaining the Requests activity.
• Fix the “Waiting for Orbot” message.
• Fix two bugs in the blocklist processing.
• Fix two problems with full screen video mode.

Jul 09
Version 2.11

• Add a Requests activity that shows how many resource requests have been blocked.
• Fix a problem with proxying through Orbot on recent versions of WebView.
• Add an option to disable screenshots and screen recordings.
• Add swipe to refresh to domain and on-the-fly settings.
• Replace the form data app bar icon with a refresh icon.
• Remove form data options beginning in Android Oreo.
• Fix a crash when viewing or loading domain settings with a blank URL.

May 23
Version 2.10

• Enable uploading of files to websites on Lollipop and newer.
• Allow applied user agents to be auto-updated with new releases.
• Add a download URL option to the context menu.
• Fix a bug introduced in version 2.9 that prevented bookmarks from being loaded from the Bookmarks activity.
• Fix a bug that caused some changes in domain settings to not be applied until after a reload.
• Improve the workflow when adding and editing domain settings from the options menu.

May 08
Version 2.9

• Use the public download directory (requires write storage permission).
• Add controls for the block lists to domain settings.
• Support launching other apps using custom URLs.
• Add a bookmarks tab to the guide.
• Preserve the favorite icon when returning from the settings or domains activities.
• Add a warning that Incognito Mode disables forward and back navigation.
• Allow cookies to be saved when Incognito Mode is enabled.
• Don’t reload the webpage when restarting from the launcher.

Mar 01
Version 2.8.1

• Workaround a bug in recent versions of Android’s WebView that prevented users from saving cookies when desired.

Feb 21
Version 2.8

• Switch to EasyList for ad and tracking blocking.
• Add a View Source activity.
• Add a Clear Data submenu to the options menu.
• Fix the Add to Home Screen option to be compatible with Android Oreo.
• Fix color formatting in the URL text box.
• Clarify language in the privacy policy.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Partial Russian translation.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.

Nov 21
Version 2.7.2

• Add an options menu item to create/edit domain settings for the current domain.
• Open telephone number hyperlinks in the dialer.
• Fix a build error that prevented the release of 2.7 and 2.7.1 on F-Droid.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.

Nov 08
Version 2.7.1

• Fix a crash when editing a bookmark in the new bookmarks drawer.

Nov 06
Version 2.7

• Add a bookmarks drawer that is accessed by sliding from the right.
• Prevent Night Mode from flashing a white background when loading new pages.
• Update the user agents.
• Bump target API to 26 (Android Oreo, 8.0.0).
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.

Sep 17
Version 2.6

• Add night mode rendering.
• Update the dark theme rendering of the About and Guide sections.
• Add support for HTTP authentication.
• Color code the Common Name in the view SSL certificate dialog.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.

Aug 25
Version 2.5

• Add SSL certificate pinning to domain settings.
• Add searx.me to the list of search engines.
• Update the default homepage to work with both JavaScript enabled or disabled.
• Ghost the “Clear DOM Storage” options menu item if there is nothing to delete.
• Use non-bolded red text to indicate unencrypted websites.
• Fix a bug that caused website modifications (like the sorting of a list) to be lost if Privacy Browser was moved to the background.

Jun 22
Version 2.4

• Add a dark theme option.
• Highlight the http:// in red if a domain is not encrypted.
• Highlight the domain in the URL text box.
• Add settings to control what happens on Clear and Exit.
• Change the default homepage to https://start.duckduckgo.com.
• Add an undo action to the snackbar when cookies, DOM storage, or form data are cleared from the options menu.
• Fix a bug that caused pending changes to be lost on restart.
• Fix a bug with the spinner layout on some Huawei devices.

May 26
Version 2.3

• Don’t include URL redirects in the WebView history.
• Add the option to disable loading of images to conserve bandwidth.
• Fix the layout of some web pages by using a wide viewport.
• Allow loading of host only URLs.
• Add icons to the settings screen.
• Add the title to the URL when sharing through the options menu.
• Disable the third-party cookies setting on KitKat because it only works on Lollipop or newer.
• Move Refresh to the bottom of the options menu.

Apr 27
Version 2.2

• Create an Incognito Mode, which deletes the cache and history after each website loads.
• Combine the JavaScript-enabled and JavaScript-disabled search options into one entry.
• Display the erroneous sections of an SSL certificate error in red.
• Delete the entire private cache folder on Clear and Exit.
• Add a 25% font zoom option.
• Fix a bug with Orbot if the homepage is blank.
• Update the privacy policy to version 1.4.

Mar 25
Version 2.1

• Fix a crash on load introduced in version 2.0.1 if the homepage is set to be blank.
• Fix a bug that prevented websites with a localhost domain from loading.
• Fix a bug that prevented URLs with special characters from loading from the URL box.
• Reset the favorite icon and website title before loading a new domain.
• Automatically select all text in the URL box when the user taps on it.
• Reorder the main options menu items by popularity.
• Move the progress bar to the bottom of the app bar.

Feb 11
Version 1.15

• Delete the secret, undocumented WebView cache on Clear and Exit.
• Automatically start Orbot when proxying through Orbot is enabled.
• Localize the dates on the SSL certificate dialogs.
• Enable downloading of files from websites that require a login. Code contributed by Hendrik Knackstedt.
• Fix a crash when attempting to download a file that does not have an HTTP URI.
• Initial Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León Becerra.

Jan 04
Version 1.14.1

• Fix a bug that caused Privacy Browser to crash on some websites when ad blocking was enabled.

Dec 26
Version 1.14

• Implement ad blocking.
• Change the default user agent to PrivacyBrowser/1.0 for real this time.
• Change the default for Do Not Track to be false.
• Add the option to enable full screen browsing mode and set it to false by default.
• Fix a bug that sometimes caused the navigation bar to turn gray in full screen mode when switching between apps.
• Bump target API to 25.
• Updated partial Spanish Translation.

Nov 28
Version 1.13

• Double-tap for full screen browsing mode.
• Change the default user agent to PrivacyBrowser/1.0.
• Add a clear history button.
• Add Copy URL to the URL context menu.
• Make the back button navigate to the parent folder in the bookmarks activity.
• Update privacy policy to version 1.3.
• Partial Spanish translation.
• Updated German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach.

Nov 09
Version 1.12

• Add a forward and back history list.
• Long press now displays target URLs and the option to view or download pictures.
• Added Find on Page.
• Completely remove Privacy Browser from RAM on “Clear and Exit”.
• Fix a crash when displaying an SSL Certificate error in Android KitKat and Lollipop.
• Fix a crash on some file downloads caused by a failure to parse the Content-Disposition header correctly.
• Updated German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach.

Oct 22
Version 1.11

• Bump target API to 24, which enables multi-window support on Nougat.
• Fix a bug introduced in version 1.10 that consumed massive amounts of CPU for no good reason.
• Add printing support.
• Fix file downloading on KitKat and Lollipop.
• Updated German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach.

Sep 15
Version 1.10

• Add Tor Orbot proxy support.
• Add Do Not Track support.
• Add a download dialog that allows users to modify the file name before the download begins.
• Add optional additional action buttons for cookies, DOM storage, and saved forms.
• Update user agents and add Safari on iOS and OS X.
• Add StartPage and Qwant to the list of search engines.
• Updated German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach.

Aug 26
Version 1.9

• German translation provided by Aaron Gerlach.
• Add the ability to view SSL certificate details and SSL error messages. This allows Privacy Browser to load web pages with self-signed certificates.
• Add font size controls.
• Handle “mailto:” links.
• Fix a crash when creating or editing a bookmark with no favorite icon.
• Fix a bug that sometimes disabled the navigation drawer after exiting a full screen video.
• Send a null value for the “X-Requested-With” header on initial page load.

Jul 16
Version 1.8

• Add a bookmarks interface.
• Add basic controls for form data.
• Fix a bug that prevented editing the custom user agent.
• Fix a bug that prevented URLs from loading if there are whitespaces at the beginning or end.

Jun 16
Version 1.7

• Create an About activity with a TabView.
• Create a Guide activity with a TabView.
• Bump the minimum API from 15 to 19 due to security concerns regarding older versions of WebView.

May 11
Version 1.6

May 05
Version 1.5

Apr 28
Version 1.4-standard

Apr 07
Version 1.3-standard

Mar 23
Version 1.1-standard

Feb 23
Version 1.0-standard

Previous 3 versions

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