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2nd.MD offers direct access to the world’s best doctors via video or phone in 3 days. This concierge service guides people through difficult health challenges and helps them find the answers they’re looking for. Our new version of the 2nd.MD app now lets you text a doctor, have a video consult with a top specialist from your iPhone, and find local in-network physicians.

When to Use 2nd.MD:

You have a new or serious diagnosis
You’ve been recommended to have surgery
You have a chronic health problem you can’t resolve
You’ve been advised to start a new prescription or medication

How it Works:

Contact 2nd.MD’s Care Team nurses via:
- App
- Email
- Website
- Phone

Your Care Team nurse will:
- Recommend specialists
- Retrieve and consolidate all your medical records
- Schedule an appointment with the doctor you choose

Within 3 days you will speak directly with a top specialist who has all your medical records. Your doctor will provide you with expert advice and send you a summary in 24 hours. You also can request a list of local, in-network physicians.

From our Members

“My family and I are extremely grateful to my employer for offering 2nd.MD as a benefit and to 2nd.MD for providing a life-saving consult.” - Oscar

“2nd.MD is the way to go! I've already been telling my coworkers about it. This is the future of where medicine has to go.” - Adric

“I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone who is in the same situation as us and is looking for some answers.” - Debbie

“I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone who is in the same situation as us and is looking for some answers.” - Debbie

“I am fully convinced that 2nd.MD DOES have the world’s best doctors, and the confidence and advice we gained from using this service is invaluable.” - Andy

How to Access 2nd.MD

To access 2nd.MD, you can use the app, visit our website (www.2nd.MD), call us at 1.866.841.2575
or email us at CareTeam@2nd.MD.

About 2nd.MD

2nd.MD is a complementary health benefit offered by the world’s leading employers. It allows their employees and their employees’ dependents to get second opinions about difficult medical challenges from medical experts from elite medical institutions. Not sure if you’re covered? Contact your human resources department.

If your employer doesn’t offer 2nd.MD, contact your human resources representatives and ask them to add 2nd.MD as a benefit. You may also pay out-of-pocket ($3,000) for the 2nd.MD service.

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2015 (about 4 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jul 30
Version 3.2.1

- Updated to support the latest iOS and iPhone X
- FaceID and TouchID integration
- Improved video and audio connectivity

Apr 25
Version 3.1.3

- Added a network test to determine the best possible video connection.

Apr 05
Version 3.1.2

- Updated to support latest Android OS
- Provisions for TouchID and FaceID
- Improved video connectivity

Dec 04
Version 3.0.9

- Added the ability to launch the 2nd.MD app from the website.

Oct 29
Version 3.0.8

Implemented network/bandwidth testing to ensure a better user experience.

Aug 21

- Changed the minimum version to Android 5.

Jul 19
Version 3.0.6

- Minor bug fixes and improved workflow.

Jun 28
Version 3.5.0

- Brand new design and flow making it even easier to have a video consult with a leading medical specialist.
- Improved video connectivity for low bandwidth devices.
- New features and functionality for medical specialists.

Feb 15
Version 3.0.7

- Improvements to support Android 7+

Feb 09
Version 3.0.5

- Improvements to support Android 7+

May 23
Version 3.0.1

- DICOM file viewing
- Security updates
- Improved UI for iPad

Dec 08
Version 3.0.0

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