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It's not actually cheating to have a guide to Maryland RSI doses, specialty hospitals, procedures, etc - but it may feel like it! From the more difficult or infrequently used treatments to "everyday" medications - it's all here. This program is a great review and a fast reference while on the move for any EMS provider that works in Maryland.

Lots of information is packed into these "Cheat Cards"!

The full list:

Adult RSI
Adult RSI Medication Dosages
Ventilatory Difficulty
RSI Flow Chart
Airway Basics
Pediatric RSI
Pediatric RSI Dosages
Misc. Pediatric Reference
Adult - Cardiac Protocols
Adult - Respiratory Protocols
Adult - Trauma Protocols
Adult - Misc. Protocols
Pediatric - Cardiac Protocols
Pediatric - Respiratory Protocols
Pediatric - Trauma Protocols
Pediatric - Misc. Protocols
Important Numbers
Memory Aids
Age Guide
Glascow Coma Score
Trauma Categories
Speciality Center Referral Criteria
Previous Year Updates
Termination of Resuscitation
Neuroprotective Hypothermia
Cardiac Procedures
Misc. Procedures
Simple Triage and Rapid Transport
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Criteria
Aviation LZ Considerations.

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Launched May 02, 2018 (11 months ago).
May 10
Version 1.1

It doesn't get any fresher than this.

May 02
Version 1.0

It doesn't get any fresher.


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