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Endoscope Camera View is an user friendly operating Android application, which allows you to connect you phone with endoscope cam or any device like a USB camera or Borescope camera depstech, sewer inspection camera there is many devices that use external cam like inspection camera sewer.
our operating Android application also supports playback and other functions. view live insepction, check and connect USB OTG to USB Camera to view live videos.

► What is Endoscope Camera and how it works?

Endoscope Camera View works like an otg view. open your external Borescope by USB otg or type-c, all it takes is one click, also you can use endoscope with wifi in the future, the endoscope app need to use micro just to record video with sounds and need to use the gallery to write and read pictures and videos.
Our app is one of the fastest and the easiest multifunctional app, it will make you exprience the feeling to have a portable hd scope.

► Required for the app to work correctly:

A- Your device need to support USB otg technology, download our app and it will check if your device support otg or not automatically, it will work like an USB OTG checker too automatically.

B- Your usb camera need to be an UVC-compatible

► How to use it (User Manual):

-All you need is two steps, launch our app and plug in the Endoscope camera USB to your phone.

► Why should you chose Endoscope Camera View:
-The Borescope or endoscope has many advantages like you can check what is inside your blocked drains. it works like a sewer camera Borescope or you can use it with any external camera like a webcam / camera genius.

► More Features:

- Video Recording
- View Angle Rotating
- Landscape Support
- support most endoscope cameras

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Launched Jul 03, 2020 (5 months ago).
Jul 16
Version 2.0


Jul 02
Version 1.0