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Axelomer application displays vehicle acceleration, specifically Lateral and Axial components:

  • Lateral (Left/Right or cornering): arises when a vehicle turns.

  • Axial (also known as Longitudinal, or Forward/Backward): arises when a vehicle accelerates or brakes.


  • Vivid display of instantaneous Lateral and Axial car acceleration.

  • Plot recent acceleration history for both Axial and Lateral components.

  • Save the acceleration data together with GPS coordinates to a file using manual and smart automatic recording control. This recording can be used to analyze driving performance relative to a road map.

This allows automotive/race enthusiasts to tune up their maneuvering/cornering skills by relating the feel and look of driving to the numbers.
There are many applications which can display car acceleration but this one is unique in that it will display the lateral and axial components separately.

It is important to know lateral acceleration and hence lateral force on a vehicle while racing because its maximum value is determined by the capability of a car and its tires (and of course also depends on the road/track material).
The best performance is achieved while having highest lateral acceleration just before the tires begin to skid (except for “drift-driving” style).
Max value achieved on a standard tight round track is typically quoted as a “skid-pad test”.

Note: a “banked road” turn helps by reducing side-way acceleration.
Consequently, turning on the banked turn with the same speed and rate of turn will result in smaller side-way acceleration compared to a level road.
In fact, as you know, for every banked turn there is a “sweet-spot” speed at which the side-way acceleration is zero, i.e. no lateral force.
This would give you the safest speed to ride the turn while driving a high center of gravity vehicle such as an SUV on a freeway to freeway junctions.

Backward (negative axial) acceleration (which is often called deceleration) is a characteristic of braking capability of the car.
For example: what is the maximum deceleration achieved when the antilock braking system is used vs when it is not used (antilock braking system is improving directional stability while braking, however at the expense of braking performance).

A highly experienced race driver can estimate the right amount of the acceleration with his/her body very well and knows how much a car can handle for every specific corner and situation.
This program will help to improve the feel for acceleration for drivers who are less than experts and improve the skill.

Please drive responsibly.
Stop using this application (Axelomer) immediately if you feel that it distracts you from driving and compromising your safety.
Developers of this application provide no warranty regarding the operation of this application on your Android device and no warranty regarding consequences ensuing from the usage this application.
By installing this application you give up your legal rights to sue the producers of this application for any harm related to usage this application.


  • Car Accelerometer

  • Acceleration

  • Braking

  • Skidding

  • Skidpad

  • Car Racing

  • Performance Driving

  • Driving Skill

  • Safe Driving

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Version History

Launched Oct 10, 2015 (over 3 years ago).
Aug 18
Version 1.2

Better compatibility with newer devices.

Oct 10
Version 1.1


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