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Lemmings, the official game is back. The unique classic 90's puzzle game is available on your mobile and with more fun than ever.

Embark on an epic journey, rescue cute, lovable Lemmings by guiding them through levels filled with hazards and traps.

The best mind game of all times. Solve the different traps, level up, discover new worlds and save all Lemmings.

Set your Lemmings to work, transforming each planet you visit from a hostile environment to a fun-filled utopia where your Lemmings can let their hair down and party!

Can you save them all?


- Save all Lemmings any time, anywhere.

- Thousands of levels to play. From easy ones where you can relax to expert ones to demonstrate your best strategy.

- Voyage through the universe, building planets for your Lemmings to party on!

- Discover and collect unique tribes of Lemmings. You'll never know who you'll find next.

- Compete against players across the globe in tournaments for huge prizes.

A network connection is required.


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Version History

Launched Dec 06, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 21 days, on average.

Jan 05
Version 3.81

The game has been updated!

- New levels and worlds!
- Arabic language support!

Plus fixes and improvements

Nov 27
Version 3.70

Its holiday season and Lemmings love to party!:

- Get in the festive spirit with new levels, worlds and dastardly traps!
- Get ready for Season 12, when the festivities kick off in style!

Plus a variety of fixes and improvements. Have fun!

Oct 20
Version 3.60

- New worlds and levels! Things are getting a little spooky round here!
- More chances to win! You can now have a second daily spin! Perfect a level and your now get TWO reward spins!
- We've listened to player feedback and made improvements to some of the game's early levels!
- The universe map visuals have been improved!
- Lemmings are now 200% more juicy. You'll see what we mean!

Plus tons of other fixes and improvements! Let's go!

Oct 03
Version 3.50

Bug fixes and improvements

Sep 29
Version 3.40

Bug fixes and improvements

Sep 24
Version 3.30

Thanks for playing everyone! Here's your latest update!

- A brand new world themed around books and stories, with hundreds of new levels!

- Our next fiendish trap, lasers! A destructive beam that can kill en masse!

- Relaxed online requirements!

- VIP membership! Receive more energy, free resurrections and receive rewards without watching ads! Its the best way to play!

As always, we continue to fix bugs and issues as raised by our community. Thanks for your help!

Let's go!

Aug 08
Version 3.20

Bug fixes and improvements

Aug 05
Version 3.10

Thanks for playing everyone! We've been hard at work on a number of features and improvements:

- A huge update to our challenge mode. Collect characters, beat their challenge levels, earn keys, unlock chests and win MASSIVE prizes!
- A brand new world themed around arts and crafts, FULL of challenging levels!
- Got a tribes character you're proud of? Use our new share feature so show your friends, your family, the WORLD!

We've also worked hard to fix various bugs and issues.

Let's go!

Jul 16
Version 3.00

Thanks for playing everyone! We've been hard at work on a number of features and improvements:

- A brand new sports themed world full of challenging levels!
- Groups, a brand new level feature where up to 3 groups of Lemmings must each be guided to a specific exit. Get ready for chaos!
- Greater rewards when moving between worlds!
- Missed out on a previous season's tribes? Now you can collect them all!

Plus lots of fixes and improvements!

Jun 27
Version 2.90

Cloud Save support! You've been asking for it and we've been hard at work on delivering this much requested feature!

Jun 04
Version 2.80

Over 4 Billion Lemmings saved! You guys are amazing!
What's new:
- New worlds! Continue your journey through the galaxy and visit our new videogame world!
- The Darkness! Are you afraid of the dark? You will be! Dimly lit levels that punish hasty Lemmings!
- Challenge Levels! - An all new mode of play. Collect tickets and enter some of the toughest levels we've ever created to win big prizes. High risk, high reward!
Let's go, Lemmings!

May 12
Version 2.70

Bug fixes and improvements

Apr 21
Version 2.60

Bug fixes and improvements

Apr 14
Version 2.50

Over 2 Billion Lemmings saved! Great work everyone!

- Season 4 has arrived. 8 new tribes to collect!
- New levels!
- New worlds and missions!
- Plus a variety of bug fixes and improvements!

Mar 05
Version 2.40

Bug fixes and improvements

Feb 19
Version 2.30

Bug fixes and improvements

Feb 03
Version 2.20

Over 393 million Lemmings saved by our players, more than the entire population of the United States!

Congratulations to all our players on this amazing milestone!

What's new:

- Season 2 of Tribes is coming! Make sure you complete Season 1 before it's too late!
- Lots of fixes and improvements to make everything smoother, faster, easier and just better!

Let's Go!

Jan 06
Version 2.00

Bug fixes and improvements

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