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RideART Android application - the Bus Transit Ticket application to get you quickly around Anaheim, California. Free to download application.
RideART offer’s a convenient solution, allowing you to select and pay for your bus tickets in advance and then hop on board. Saving you time and reducing the effort and hassle of finding cash. Quickly and easily purchase and store your tickets to ride in advance. Avoid the ticket cash queues, giving you time to get to your favorite Anaheim theme park or daily destination faster!

With RideART you can:
Purchase bus tickets in advance
Store and activate tickets before you board
Group your tickets together - handy for families and group travel on the go
Plan your trip - use of trip planner to plan your travel in Anaheim

Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) is a public transportation system operating within The Anaheim Resort™ District and surrounding areas. Every year, over 9 million residents, visitors and employees use ART to connect with local destinations, theme parks, sport venues, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and ARTIC regional transportation center. ART is a hop-on/hop-off service that connects convenience with fun.
Start your journey the convenient way and download the RideArt app before you go!
This is just the beginning of your journey and ours. We are constantly striving to improve our service further. Stay posted on new and further exciting RideArt app features coming soon to the Google Play Store.
For further information visit Anaheim Resort Transportation http://rideart.org

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Version History

Launched Jan 02, 2019 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Sep 03
Version 2.5.0-105-7abccbcc

* General Updates & Optimizations

May 28
Version 2.3.9-83-6d46863b

* General Updates & Optimizations

Apr 15
Version 2.3.7-72-e450d09c

* Minor updates and fixes

Feb 11
Version 2.3.5-60-2f4bce47

* Saving Profile fix
* User location checking is now more accurate
* Updates to displaying of about, terms and privacy information
* Better management of map elements
* Improvements to Address Inputs
* Updated Wallet Screen
* Updated Purchase Flow
* Locked Pass feature added
* Improved application Accessibility
* Offline support added for Passes viewing and activation
* General improvements and optimisations

Jan 01
Version 2.3.4-37-8bfd012f

* Offline functionality improvements
* Changed default starting location of the map
* Bug Fixes & Accessibility improvements

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