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SeeWord is an addicting new word game in which players can score points by moving around lettered tiles on the 6x6 grid-style game board, in order to spell words. When you See a potential Word, simply move the tiles around to arrange the letters into a straight line, then hold down and swipe the completed word to earn points. It’s that simple. Also use points collected in your Points Bank throughout games to purchase Boosters, which when used wisely, can boost your score tremendously. Fill up your Points Bank simply by scoring points, and if you’re short on time, you can buy them.

SeeWord was a designed and developed to help a certain someone recall and recognize words. This person, a close family member of the creators, is currently in a struggle with stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, a very aggressive, cancerous brain tumor. Unfortunately, her tumor happens to be the area of her brain that is responsible for word recollection and recognition, so it’s imperative that she keep her mind engaged with tasks that exercise it.

That’s where SeeWord comes in. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but our hope is that playing SeeWord will help her and others in similar situations exercise their brain, helping with these word recognition issues, while having fun at the same time! Making SeeWord truly a game contributing to the fight against the C-word. Cancer.

Please send any suggestions, questions or comments to seeword@kickappinc.com

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Launched Mar 19, 2014 (over 6 years ago).
Mar 19
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