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A harpejji is a neat stringed instrument that has frets like a guitar but is finger tapped. The strings are tuned in whole steps so it is possible to quickly transpose a melody to a new key by maintaining its "shape". C notes are designated with a dot.

This app isn't meant to substitute the far superior real harpejjis but to give users a chance to learn and experiment with their unique chromatic layout.

Choose landscape (better) or portrait mode and number of frets (I prefer 6-8).

You can learn more about real harpejjis at https://www.marcodi.com

Some tips on how to play:

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Harpejji screenshot 1Harpejji screenshot 2Harpejji screenshot 3

Version History

Launched Feb 12, 2019 (about 1 month ago).
Mar 19
Version 0.6

Select new wav or mp3 sound using back key

Feb 22
Version 0.5

Bug fixes
Improved user entry
Faster performance
Smaller apk

Feb 12
Version 0.4

First release


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