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GPS Route Finder helps to find all the features of GPS like Navigations, Directions, Location History on Maps, Compass mode, Near by Places, Current Location, Driving Directions with Voice Commands, Live Traffic Updates.

With GPS Route Finder you can come to know the address of an unknown location on the map. Tap a place on map that you want to know the address and get the exact address in Maps or you can get by text. Find the directions by using another feature GPS Compass.

Trace near by locations with GPS Route Finder. Get the places near to your location like ATMS, Restaurants, Schools, Hotels, Gym, Bank, Bus Stop,Post office, Police station and more. Use different features with sensor compass. Compass with full functionality of a true compass combined with many other modern technological features. You may choose from Camera mode, Map, Satellite, Grey Scale and Telescopic mode of Compass.

Calculate the distance between any two locations on the map. Merely realize the simplest and quickest history of your routes. GPS Route Finder is the most effective application to trace locations on Maps and get Directions. It could be a very useful app with location history feature.

Transform your phone to a GPS Tracker with this app, trace your location history. GPS Route Finder could be a user friendly application to simply track all the locations you have got visited and you'll be able to trace your location history and track current location. You'll be able to read the whole locator points in History.

Find the driving directions from your current location to destination and also can view the traffic updates. You can trace the location history and also set the time interval of history. In GPS Route Finder you can choose the type of map to view. You may view the map in Normal, Satellite or hybrid modes.

Use the following features with GPS Route Finder:
* Near by Places
* Live Traffic Updates
* Driving Directions
* Navigations
* Directions
* Calculate Area
* Current Location
* Street View
* Weather Updates
* Number Locator
* Compass mode
* Location History on Maps
* Find Address

App Features:
* Trace the nearest places with GPS Route Finder
* Beast way to get live traffic updates
* Check out the directions with voice commands
* Find the Current Location on GPS Maps
* Simply calculate the Area on GPS Maps with different points
* Get the unknown Address of locations
* GPS Compass helps to find the directions with camera, normal, map, satellite, telescopic views
* Track Location history with desired time interval
* See the street view by entering the location
* Know the live traffic updates to reach destination
* Different Map views like Satellite, Hybrid, Normal with GPS Maps
* Very user friendly app with all GPS features
* GPS Route Finder is the best app to search, get directions, navigation on Maps.

Disclaimer: Please note that GPS Route Finder will never upload any of user personal data and developed only for information purpose.

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Launched Jul 24, 2018 (6 months ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 28
Version 1.5

Designed with new UI
More features

Sep 26
Version 1.4

Minor UI Changes

Aug 26
Version 1.3

Minor UI Changes

Aug 05
Version 1.2

Minor UI Changes

Jul 24
Version 1.1

Minor UI Changes

Previous 3 versions

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