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Take advantage of the free BONECO app with many helpful tips and tools for your BONECO humidifier or air purifier:

The app reminds you about cleaning and maintenance
Your device can be maintained more easily
Convenient purchasing of additional accessories and appliances
Learn more about the air quality in your environment

This guarantees hygienic operation and improves your room air quality.
The maintenance calendar gives you reminders about the service life of accessories, when they should be replaced and when your device needs to be cleaned. 
If necessary, the operating manual is close at hand in case something is unclear.

In addition, the BONECO app not only shows you the climate conditions and temperatures, but also the relative humidity in your environment so that you can optimally use your device. 

This ensures error-free and hygienic operation.

Purchase accessories or other appliances quickly and easily with the BONECO app.

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Version History

Launched Mar 28, 2017 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 9 months, on average.

Sep 23
Version 4.11

Bug fixes

May 18
Version 4.1

Bug fix Push Notifications

Feb 03
Version 4.0

The app allows you to update the firmware of the H300, H400 and W400 devices, thus solving the problem of relative humidity display, which is faulty on some devices. Please install this version, connect to your device and update the firmware to the latest version 1.027.

Oct 03
Version 3.17

We listened to your feedback and optimized the app. There are 2 more new devices that can be controlled via Bluetooth, the H400 Hybrid and the W400 air washer which are coming soon. The Bluetooth family of our devices is growing to 3.
Furthermore, we have integrated new explanation videos to make the control and handling of the devices even easier.

Nov 26
Version 3.06

Control of the Bluetooth units H300 and W400:
◦ Change between Hybrid, Purifier and Humidifier mode (with clear instruction animations for an easy change)
◦ Set up desired relative humidity
◦ Shows the actual rH% and temperature in the room
◦ Set up fan speed
◦ Set up timer (beginning and ending)
◦ Auto mode, Baby mode, Sleep mode, Custom mode
◦ LED dimming function

Mar 28
Version 1.0

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