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Ski, shoot and win!
More than 3,000,000 players from all over the world have already experienced the exciting life of a professional biathlete. Do you have what it takes to ski fast and then shoot down all the targets? It is time you joined the other players in the only game of its kind. In Biathlon Mania you can even compete against real biathletes from the World Cup circuit.

Biathlon Mania is an action sports game with RPG elements and the most successful and most played biathlon game of all time. You can control, improve and train your biathlete as you see fit. You decide everything that goes on - improve your attributes, construct new facilities, learn new skills, build up your club, defeat opponents from all across the world, win tournaments and be at the top of the world. Whether you win or become an also-ran is purely down to your skill. Show everyone that you’ve got it! Biathlon Mania is easy to learn, but difficult to leave.

- Play against thousands of players from all over the world
- Master the combination of cross-country skiing and shooting
- Challenge real biathletes
- Create, level-up and customize your biathlon hero
- Defeat opponents, climb to the top of the rankings and earn achievements
- Test your skills in tournaments, daily league and the world cup
- Join with your friends, become a member of a club and fight for the title in club championships
- Improve your skills on various tracks, use the speed, endurance and shooting attributes to your advantage
- Gain sponsors, improve your equipment and build facilities such as fitness center, shooting range or many more
- Have fun with a wide array of minigames, fulfill daily tasks and earn rewards
- Enjoy the RPG elements

So what are you still waiting for? Experience the life of a biathlete in the exciting multiplayer world. Choose one of the 31 available languages and play for free anywhere and whenever you like!

Note: You can install the game on your android device for free. The game contains in-app purchases and requires Internet connection.

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Support: support@biathlonmania.com
Privacy Policy: http://s1.biathlonmania.com/privacy-policy
EULA: http://s1.biathlonmania.com/license
Website: http://s1.biathlonmania.com/

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Version History

Launched Dec 20, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Dec 17
Version 10.9

bug fixes and video ads

Nov 27
Version 10.8

- bug fixes and performance improvements

Jul 08
Version 10.7

- new special offers

Apr 29
Version 10.6

Fixed option to purchase gems in PREMIUM section

Apr 07
Version 10.5

- new offers

Feb 26
Version 10.4

- new special offers
- minimum android version changed to 5.0
- hidden android bottom toolbar

Jan 15
Version 10.2

New event

Dec 01
Version 10.1

Christmas Event

Nov 20
Version 10.0

minor bugs have been fixed

Oct 17
Version 1.28

A new event, Halloween 2018, has begun! During the event, you can collect magical ingredients and use them to make useful potions!

Jul 01
Version 1.27

- New visual elements have been added.

May 24
Version 1.26

Due to the new EU data protection regulations, we have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This will make it easier for you to understand what happens to your data and what rights you have as a user.

May 14
Version 1.24

- New visual content has been added
- Preparations for GDPR have been made

Apr 05
Version 1.23

- The mobile app has been updated with some new graphical assets.

Mar 14
Version 1.22

minor bugs have been fixed

Mar 07
Version 1.20

the UI and functionality of premium packages has been updated
added the necessity to download the most recent patch to continue gameplay
additional settings have been added
added more info about the game and an FAQ into the bottom button
added an easy way to contact support
when you have an in-game window open, background elements fade out become inactive
fixed an issue when after logging in the game would start on the incorrect screen
various UI updates have been made
minor bugs have been fixed

Dec 05
Version 1.18

- A major redesign of the UI has been made - the first thing you will see in the game now is the new UI which provides you with easy access to the game’s most used features. (You can still access the default game map whenever you wish to.)
- Various graphical improvements have been made.
- Several bugs have been fixed.

Nov 13
Version 1.17

- The design of the Premium store has been modernised.

Aug 15
Version 1.15

- bug fixes and performance improvements

Aug 10
Version 1.14

- bug fixes and performance improvements

May 10
Version 1.13

- New graphics on loading screen
- Added individual payments
- Better system of notifications
- Modified time-out during loading
- Forbidden keyboard on welcome page
- Loading page ends after whole interface is rendered
- Improved system of navigation in the UI with mobile buttons
- Minor improvement of the main icon

Feb 06
Version 1.12

- New graphics on loading screen
- Added individual payments
- Better system of notifications
- Modified time-out during loading
- Forbidden keyboard on welcome page
- Loading page ends after whole interface is rendered
- Improved system of navigation in the UI with mobile buttons
- Minor improvement of the main icon

Jan 23
Version 1.11

- Fixed a bug on login screen (the login form was displayed incorrectly on some devices)

Jan 12
Version 1.10

- Improved system of loading page
- Improved system of input fields
- Improved system of opening external links
- Improved logic of switching between elements on login page
- Improved tracking via AppsFlyer
- Added information message if the user's device does not have minimum requirements
- Added detection of slow internet connection
- Fixed small graphical issues on launch screen
- Small bug fixes and improved stability

Jan 05
Version 1.9

- Improved version of the biathlon race
- Fixed an issue occurring during payments
- Fixed sounds playing during launch screen and loading page
- Fix: the android bar was showing on some devices and hindering proper use of the app
- Small bug fixes and improved stability
- Improved loading page graphics
- Improve api interface system
- Improved appflyer tracking
- Added new error messages
- Added deeplink for better comfort

Jan 02
Version 1.8

- fixed issues with text inputs
- turned off music in PREMIUM and Settings page
- turned off music during races
- removed menu during races
- fixed login issues
- small bug fixes and improved stability

Dec 20
Version 1.7

- bug fixes and performance improvements
- devices with Android 4.3 and older will not be supported temporarily due to technical issues.

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