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Podcoin is the podcast player that pays. We have every podcast you could ever want, and we pay you to listen to each one. It's that simple.

With every podcast to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite episodes, and get paid anytime, anywhere!

Podcoin is also the #1 SOCIAL podcasting app. Discover new podcasts based on what podcasts your friends love. Learn about any topic from news, education, comedy, politics to religion, true crime, and many more. 

Whether you want audio books, FM music, streaming radio, Podcoin provides audio content covering both entertainment and education whether you are commuting, doing chores, running, relaxing or anything else.

Listen to the best podcasts of 2019 on Podcoin, including The Daily, Slow Burn, Caliphate, Trump Inc., S-Town, This American Life, Serial, Joe Rogan, Hardcore history, True crime, NPR podcasts, BBC and Bill O'Reilly etc

Our podcasts span every category …

BUSINESS and TECHNOLOGY podcasts – Manage your money like Rachel Cruze or learn to start the next unicorn with Masters of Scale.

EDUCATION podcasts - Top educational podcasts like TED Talks help you gain insight in technology, psychology, and history.

NEWS podcast - News coverage, from radio sources such as BBC, NPR and from media all over the world.

MUSIC podcast – Easy access to free songs offered by famous radio and FM channels. Includes classical piano episodes or modern guitar music.

COMEDY podcast - Funny videos and audios including talk shows and comedians help relieve stress

INTEREST podcast - See your daily horoscope? Catch up with the latest fashion news? Get hottest game information?

RELIGION & SPIRITUALITY podcast - For better sleep, here to indulge in Bible stories, buddhist meditation or Islamic audio before bedtime. Or wane philosophical with philosophy podcasts like The Partially Examined Life.

KIDS & FAMILY podcasts - Storynory actors read myths, fairy tales for family time. Here are selected bedtime stories and audiobooks for kids. 

Download Podcoin for free to:

* Get paid to listen to more than 500,000 podcasts and 30 million episodes
* Enjoy the #1 social podcasting app!
* Browse popular shows and easily discover their best episodes.
* Discover the best episodes based on topics ranging from sports, health and finance to career development, history or sex advice.

Why listen on players like Stitcher or Castbox that don’t pay you to listen? Get Podcoin and get rewarded for doing what you love ... listening to awesome podcasts!

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Version History

Launched Dec 03, 2018 (4 months ago).
Feb 18
Version 1.6.15

Bonus podcasts are here! Now, earn extra Podcoin by listening to certain podcasts. Also, be sure to tell all your podcaster friends to claim their podcasts on Podcoin so we can connect them to awesome new listeners. Try out bonus podcasts today!

Jan 20
Version 1.5.24

This is a BIG update!
1. Now, manage your downloads with a new tab in Library. Delete downloads and free up space. Hooray!
2. Now, also, you can follow people and manage your followers from the Me tab.
3. Check out the new profile. Tap on anyone’s name or photo and you can see their profile and listening history. We love getting podcast ideas from friends, but don’t worry, you can always hide or delete it.
4. We hope you enjoy and tell your friends about Podcoin! It’s better with friends!

Dec 03
Version 1.4.15

Get paid to listen to podcasts! What could be better?


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