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Listen to Al-Anon audio stories, speaker tapes from the meetings, the Living Sober Companion book and more so you can learn how to deal with someone who has an addiction. You must know what an addictive lifestyle can tear down one’s self-esteem, dreams, relationships and mindset. However, you don’t need to let that happen to your life because of someone else’s addictive lifestyle. Al-Anon can help. You can also use the ALANON Audio Companion for Al-Anon Family Services PRO app. With this, you get to listen to hours of hand-selected audio content including alanon speaker tapes, AA Big Book, 12 traditions and steps and a lot more family-beneficial content. With the pro version of this app, you get lifetime access to more than 300 hours for just one low price. That will also bring you new features and content each month.

HELP FOR YOURSELF: Are you unsure of how to deal with a loved one’s addictive lifestyle? Are you at a loss for what you should be doing? Maybe, all you can think about is helping them to see that they need treatment but in the meantime, you have lost complete sight of who you are and what your dreams are as well. Now, it is time to help yourself. You won’t be able to help them if you aren’t helping yourself first. This app is going to help you figure out what you should be doing for “you” and then, what you can do with their situation.

COMPANIONSHIP AND COMMUNITY: If you have a loved one who is an addict, you may feel very alone. It might seem like nobody else understands. However, there are millions of others around the world who get what you are going through. There are millions of people who have a story to tell about what they have seen with their addicted loved one and what they have done about it. With this app, you get a great sense of companionship and community which can help you regain your sanity.

LEARN FROM OTHERS IN YOUR POSITION: Sometimes it can be difficult knowing what to say or do with the alcoholic from your life. You may feel like you are always saying or doing the wrong things, even when you aren’t. It might be tough not to enable them. However, you can change the way you feel. The person’s addiction isn’t your fault. If you get this app, you can learn from others in your position. You can learn how to handle certain situations that you might face with someone who lives an addictive lifestyle.

HOLD ONTO YOUR SANITY: Having an alcohol addict in the family or as a friend can be excruciating. Everything you do may see wrong or off in some way. People with substances abuse issues have a way of manipulating so they can keep drinking. They may not see it as anything they are doing wrong but what everyone else is doing to them. This can cause you to lose your sanity if you aren’t careful. Let the stories and other tools from this app help you so you can hold onto your own sanity.

+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
+ Listen when offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

Here are samples of the audio content you will discover throughout this app:

+ Al-Anon Personal Audio Stories from The Forum Magazine Vol. 1
+ Al-Anon Personal Audio Stories from The Forum Magazine Vol. 2
+ Al-Anon Speaker Tapes Vol. 1
+ Al-Anon Workshop - Having Relationships in AA & Al-Anon by Keith and Sue D.
+ Al-Anon Workshop - History of Al-Anon and Steps by Vannoy S.
+ Al-Anon Workshop - Understanding the 12 Steps, Sponsorship and Spirituality by Blanche M.
+ Beginner Guided Meditations to Help You Develop a Consistent Practice
+ How to Live Sober 12 Steps Audio Companion
+ Inspiring Personal Stories of Sobriety & Recovery Vol. 1
+ Motivation & Inspirational Speeches for Life Success, Happiness and Personal Power Vol 1.

and much more...

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Version History

Launched Jul 01, 2016 (over 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Jan 25
Version 1.4.5

- Fixed the mysterious “Track Name” bug, sorry ya’ll
- Other small bugs squashed

- Fixed rating app annoyance; sorry about that one.
- Way improved audio player… Yay!
++ jump ahead/back
++ repeat track, playlist, content group
++ control playback speed

- Fixed bug with inspirations getting stuck (we hope)
- Fixed bug with playlist stopping after one track (we hope)
- Improved audio player performance

Aug 17
Version 1.4.2

Bam! Some cool stuff in this one.
- Add content packs, reorder and remove from “my content”
- Like us on Facebook (preettttty)
- Rate us on Google Play (pleeeeeese)
- Create playlist and re-order tracks
- Daily inspiration graphics
- Improved audio streaming/caching for faster listening
- Bug fixes
- Improved user interface, unlock screen
- Meditation and sleep timer
- Looping meditation & relaxing sounds

Feb 28
Version 1.4

Woot! Lot’s of new goodies, check em!
- Create playlist and re-order tracks
- Daily inspiration graphics
- Improved audio streaming/caching for faster listening
- Bug fixes
- Improved user interface, unlock screen
- Meditation and sleep timer
- Looping meditation & relaxing sounds

Aug 15
Version 1.1

It’s getting better! Enjoy the update.
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
- Improved customer service features
- Daily inspiration notifications now show full text and last 100 days!

Jul 01
Version 1.0

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