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Determine your expected salary before you move to a new city?

There are many cost of living calculators available, and several are free but they are outdated. For example, NYC use to be the most expensive city to live and if you located to San Francisco your cost of living is less. Well this is no longer true. The cost of living is higher in SF than NYC but these other cost of living calculators are still stuck in the past.

This Cost of Living Calculator uses the data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is more up to date and truly reflects the cost of living between two cities. Additionally, once your expected salary is calculated, you can perform job searches on your job title, new location and expected salary.

Additionally the relocation assistant will help find a new position at your targeted salary in your selected destination, help you find housing in your selected destination, and help you find travel deals between your origin and destination

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Version History

Launched May 30, 2018 (11 months ago).
May 30
Version 1.1.20180530

Improved performance with the web service for determining the expected salary between two states, job search at the destination state on occupation salary and salary expectation, housing listings for the destination state, and travel planner between origination and destination states.


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