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Your Best Golf Partner for AndroidWear! Since 2004 phiGolf
 First & Best Golf GPS
 Supports to Android Wear Devices
 99% covers worldwide golf courses

Intelligent total golf GPS solution that offers altitude difference for the first time in the world - solution that applies augmented reality such as distance measurement, altitude measurement, and customized statistics

Major Functions and Strengths:
▶ Provide altitude difference information for the first time in the world
▶ Supports to Android Wear
▶ Supports high resolution map
▶ Supports two (left/right) green system
▶ Web-linked intelligent statistics service
▶ Supports 60,000+ courses around the world

1. Altitude difference, distance measurement, club recommendations, etc
-Check altitude difference on CAM: Actual distance info= horizontal distance +/- altitude difference
-Recommend clubs fitting to actual distance

2. Supports high resolution maps on your phone

3. Supports two (left/right) green system
- In the case of left/right greens (left green by default), change using the left/right change button.

5. Web-linked golf statistics solution (shot tracking, score management, etc)
- Distance measurement and shot tracking used for rewriting or survey (shot tracking saved in server only when score is registered)
- Provide appropriate strategy by providing statistics per hole in real time
- Linked to website for real time scoring and internet broadcast

6. Supports Android™ Wear
You can use our app with Android Wear. We add more wonderful functions in Android Wear.
- Change hole
- Aiming to current hole green
- Elevation of your current position to hole green
- etc

Map :
- Mapped course can be checked on mobile or web (http://www.phigolf.com/mphigolf/courses/Courses.asp)

Visit our website(http://m.phigolf.com, http://www.phigolf.com) to see the live scores, visual score tracking, courses, score analysis,...
User Guide available at http://www.phigolf.com/mphigolf/users_guide_navi_en.pdf

As always, thank you for the positive reviews!

Caution: This app does not support Galaxy Gear Series

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Version History

Launched Sep 17, 2016 (almost 3 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

Feb 20
Version v.2017.02.21

- bugs fixed

Feb 20
Version Varies with device

- bugs fixed

Feb 16
Version v.2017.02.16

- bugs fixed

Jan 09
Version 1.2.3

- bugs fixed

Dec 29
Version 1.2.2

- bugs fixed

Nov 02
Version 1.2.1

Oct 31
Version 1.2.0

Sep 21
Version 1.1.0

Sep 17
Version 1.0.0

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