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Gym Trainer is the ultimate tool to help you boost your workout routine and help you train. With its help you get to create fitness goals and follow the right plans as you try to reach the utmost success.

Gym Trainer is the pocket trainer you always wanted, and we can help you with workouts, diet plans as well as tips and info. You’ll quickly improve fitness, strength, tone, muscle or use it to count the calories you burn as part of your weight loss/weight gain program.

*Cool Features:*
◎Bulk, lean and strength programs
◎Fitness, Body-weight and weight-loss programs
◎Comprehensive dietary information
◎Follow accurate instructions for every workout
◎Learn tips on how to maintain the results

*Great workout routines for every need*
With our assistance you will be able to focus on specific workout routines and programs. We have bulk program that helps you build muscle, but we also have lean program that helps you follow the right diet and work out to stay in shape. We also offer strength program that makes it easy to boost stamina and enhance your wellbeing in ways you would not imagine.

*Enhance your health and learn how to stay fit*
Gym Trainer offers you comprehensive information for every program. Not only do you get to know when to eat, but we also let you know the complete diet for your particular goal. In addition, you will know exactly what times are perfect for workouts and what exercises you should opt for.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, complete gym partner, give Gym Trainer a shot. This is an astounding, exciting and comprehensive tool that helps you create a workout and dietary plan that will enhance your life. Try it out today!

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Version History

Launched Sep 01, 2017 (almost 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Apr 27
Version 1.7.1-Pro

Now you can create a workout plan from a gym program!
Do have a try with this cool new feature!

Apr 18
Version 1.7.0-Pro

Now you can create a workout plan from a gym program!
Do have a try with this cool new feature!

Mar 07
Version 1.6.6-Pro

Performance optimization and UI improvements.

Mar 06
Version 1.6.5-Pro

Bug fix: app crashes after choosing a gym program.

Mar 02
Version 1.6.3-Pro

Performance optimization and UI improvements.

Mar 01
Version 1.6.2-Pro

Performance optimization and bug fixes.

Sep 19
Version 1.6.1-Pro

*** New version just for you!!! ***
1. Performance optimization and bug fixes!
2. Upgraded UI, added nicer font and other improvements!

Mar 14
Version 1.4-Pro

Jan 29
Version 1.3-Pro

Sep 25
Version 1.2-Pro

Bug Fixes

Sep 03
Version 1.1-Pro

Sep 01
Version 1.0-Pro

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