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This very simple and yet powerful Android App provides a true alternative for curing nearsightedness and farsightedness without the use of glasses, contacts or laser surgery. Growing up in the 21st century all of us on a daily basis interact with a variety of digital devices, be it a tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone, etc... Some of us have perfect vision and can see crisp details. While for others we have to wear glasses, contacts or even get laser surgery to enjoy excellent vision. This app is here to provide simple eye exercises to sharpen the natural eyesight without the use of glasses, contacts or laser surgery. If you have nearsightedness or farsightedness and you have trouble reading fonts in books or on screens, this app is for you!! This app works the eyes focus spectrum to improve and sharpen vision for any device. Sharp and crisp vision is experienced after a few exercises, simply put the phone in your palm, and click on 'Auto Correction' or 'Manual Correction'. Long and short-term sharp and crisp vision results are guaranteed with this app, if used regularly. Please remember to take off your glasses or contacts, this app is intended to strengthen the natural eyesight.

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Launched Apr 18, 2013 (about 6 years ago).
Apr 18
Version 5.2


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