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The Paramedic Clinical Skills Log app enables paramedics, paramedic students & other like-minded clinicians to efficiently & accurately record all clinical skills undertaken in the prehospital environment.

Easily record skills associated with:

- Patient assessment (eg. pulse, GCS, F.A.S.T.)
- Airway (eg. jaw thrust, i-gel, ETT)
- Breathing (eg. BVM, chest decompression, CPAP)
- Circulation (eg. I.V., infusion pump, CPR manual/automated)
- Splinting (eg. spine board, traction splint, plastering)
- Wound care (eg. wound assessment, suture, haemostatic agents)
- Other skills (eg. stretcher use, cardioversion, triage)
- Medications (eg. Morphine, Ondansetron, GTN)

Easily generate a graphical PDF report which charts the clinician’s most common & least commonly performed skill/s within a specified time period (from a single day/shift to years) or an Excel spreadsheet that clearly display all categories over a specified period.

The Skills Log Book allows the user to review what skills they are using or not using in the field and assist in planning for professional development and skills maintenance.

Copyright: e.g. © 31C, 2016

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2016 (over 2 years ago).
Dec 08
Version 1.0.0


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