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ECG learning is all about pattern recognition.

Ever wanted to learn ECG the easy way? Meet ECG Basics, your go to app to learn the concepts of this ever challenging subject.

This app is organised into various chapters as you find in a book - starting from basic concepts moving towards more advanced topics.

Initial chapters introduces you to calculate rate, analysing rhythm, and cardiac axis. Also you will learn about the waves - how they are generated and their morphology.

Subsequent chapters are organised in to topic wise not limiting to rhythm disturbances, bundle branch blocks, conduction disturbances, cardiac ischemia, myocardial infarction, tachy and brady arrhythmias, stress testing (TMT), Pediatric ECG, Pacemaker ECGs, electrolyte disturbances.

This app sort of works like an ECG atlas so that you can refer to specific electrocardiogram in emergency.

Electrocardiography and electrocardiogram interpretation is must for any cardiologist and it's basic for cardiology.

The free version does not include some chapters (which are not very essential, but more important to someone looking for advanced learning) and it contains ads. Purchase the pro version to gain mastery over electrocardiography.

This app is most useful for people looking for basic concepts (consider it as ECG for dummies) like medical students, paramedical staff, nurses, physiotherapists. But people who already mastered electrocardiography can also have look back into basics.

Look out for the companion app, ECG flashcards by us in play store for rapid review of ECGs.

In future updates, we are planning to challenge you with pro features like self assessment so that you can evaluate yourself what you have learnt.

Please do post a positive review if you like the app. It means a lot for us. And is you have any issue, contact us at email provided below. Happy Learning.

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Version History

Launched Aug 31, 2017 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Nov 04
Version 2.0.0

*** Now all chapters are available for free!!!
Completely updated UI. Better navigation. Reduced size by half.

Feb 11
Version 1.4

Fixed random crash issues for some users.

Feb 08
Version 1.3

Under the hood improvements.

Nov 25
Version 1.2

Few improvements in layouts as per user requests

Nov 09
Version 1.1

Minor bug fixes

Aug 30
Version 1.0

Few nagging issues resolved

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