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Eufy Security app combined smart gateway, cameras and door sensors, provided live video and motion detection recording service to instant know your home’s security. Check the video below to learn more about the details of the app and devices.

Feel free to contact us at support@eufylife.com if you need help.

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Version History

Launched Aug 27, 2018 (over 2 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 15 days, on average.

Nov 22
Version v2.2.3_763

1. Support Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart Lock T8500.

Nov 22
Version v2.2.4_768

1. Fix some bugs.

Nov 15
Version v2.2.2_741

1. Doorbell supports setting special ghost voice response for Halloween.

Oct 21
Version v2.2.0_730

1. Optimize HomeBase storage space.
2. Optimize the issue that the eufyCam series occasionally has two identical notifications.
3. Optimize the Doorbell binding process interaction.
4. Doorbell T8220 supports Human Only detection at night.
5. Simplify the default display order for homepage devices on mobile phones.
6. Optimize the permission application copywriting.

Oct 12
Version v2.1.3_713

1. Solve the issue that the eufy Security app cannot be searched on some Android phones.

Sep 23
Version v2.1.2_708

1. Solve the issue that there may be no sound when playing eufyCam 2nd generation clips on Android phones.

Sep 17
Version v2.1.1_705

1. Solve the issue that the activity zones may be deleted by mistake in eufyCam series

Sep 10
Version v2.0.1_676

Android V2.0.1
1. Solve the issue that a clip may not be played when it includes two compression formats.

Aug 19
Version v2.0.0_672

1. Indoor Cam supports the Korean language.
2. Indoor Cam supports Geofencing.
3. Update the adding entrance.
4. Remove the still keep clips out of the activity zones for 1st gen eufyCam.
5. eufyCam 2C Pro/2 Pro supports Automation
6. HomeBase supports multiple notification switches for security modes.

Aug 13
Version v1.9.0_646

1. IndoorCam supports the SD card diagnosis feature.
2. Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt support indicates the slot position automatically.
3. eufyCam and Battery Doorbell series support no audio when recording clips.
4. Floodlight Cam support supports encryption type selection when manually enter Wi-Fi.
5. Fix some text issues.

Jul 21
Version v1.8.0_636

1. eufyCam and Floodlight Cam supports customize motion notification tone.
2. eufyCam RTSP supports setup password.
3. Indoor Cam supports high-speed playback for continuous recording
4. Support the Arabic language for doorbells.
5. Strengthen password demands when registering an account.
6. Add Middle East customer service contact information in Help.

Jul 09
Version v1.7.6_618

1. Support two-factor authentication for Germany and Canada regions.
2. Add notification interval time settings for Indoor Cam.
3. Support Arabic and Japanese languages for Indoor Cam.
4. Support for Spanish, French, and Italian language for Battery Doorbell.
5. Enhance the live streaming security mechanism.
6. Receive EDM mail is not selected by default during creating a new account.

Jun 20
Version v1.7.6_607

1. Support two-factor authentication for Germany and Canada regions.
2. Add notification interval time settings for Indoor Cam.
3. Support Arabic and Japanese languages for Indoor Cam.
4. Support for Spanish, French, and Italian language for Battery Doorbell.
5. Enhance the live streaming security mechanism.
6. Receive EDM mail is not selected by default during creating a new account.

Jun 12
Version v1.7.5_595

1. Support for eufyCam 2C Pro and 2 Pro.
2. Indoor Cam supports German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.
3. Events support All, Video, and Alerts filter.
4. Enhance the live stream encryption for Doorbell and Indoor Cam.
5. Shared users can also receive the Top Message.

May 28
Version v1.7.4_581

1. Support German language for Battery Doorbell.
2. Fix some bugs.

May 17
Version v1.7.3_567

1. Increase the max. number of main devices added by the app to 20.
2. Battery Doorbell supports 433Mhz Chime.
3. eufy Cam 2C/2 supports the option of no stream and record locally when HKSV is enabled.(Requires latest firmware.)
4. Alarm System supports Arabic, German, Italian.

May 05
Version v1.7.2_547

1. Support cloud storage and trial for IndoorCam.
2. Add Person, Pet, Crying filter in Event Tab for Indoor Cam.
3. Automation supports multiple Triggers corresponding to an Action.(Requires latest firmware.)
4. Add notification tone settings for the Battery doorbell.
5. Unify Snooze interaction of eufyCam, Floodlight and Sensors.
6. Update Working Mode of eufyCam and Battery Doorbell to Power Manager.
7. Optimize Android Pad UI.
8. Add the Community in the side menu.

Apr 20
Version v1.7.1_534

1. Supported Indoor Cam, Smart Lock Touch, and 1080P Wired Doorbell.
2. Added the OFF mode for Keypad(Available on HomeBase v2.0.8.7h+)
3. Supported Cloud Storage for Floodlight Cam.
4. Added the new display types for the message.
5. Added notification switch for HomeBase switch modes.
6. Fixed some bugs.

Apr 02
Version v1.6.9_520

1. Added the "Explore" tab in the app.
2. Added the "Referral" to the app side menu.

Mar 15
Version v1.6.8_510

1. Supported for Alarm System products.
2. Added the sharing step in the initialization process for Wired doorbell;
3.Optimized the settings of indoor chime for Battery doorbell;
4.Added the settings of streaming to Alexa/Google smart displays for Battery doorbell;
5.Supported WDR for Battery Doorbell.
6. Supported H.265 streaming for eufyCam 2C/2.
7. HomeBase/E/2 QR code binding needs to be bound on LAN
8. Fixed some security bugs.

Mar 05
Version v1.6.7_491

1. Added the device sharing wizard in the Doorbell setup process.
2. Optimized the color and font of event time in the event menu.
3. Changed the watermark switch to three options for eufyCam 2C/2.
4. Merged the status LED settings from two to one for eufyCam 2C/2.
5. Optimized some multilingual text.

Feb 14
Version v1.6.5_485

1. Added the device sharing wizard in the Doorbell setup process.
2. Optimized the color and font of event time in the event menu.
3. Changed the watermark switch to three options for eufyCam 2C/2.
4. Merged the status LED settings from two to one for eufyCam 2C/2.
5. Optimized some multilingual text.

Feb 10
Version v1.6.4_461

1. Added the Paired Devices menu in HomeBase settings.
2. Optimized HomeBase default display position on the app homepage.
3. Added the GIF guide during Floodlight Cam binding process.
4. Optimized FaceID / TouchID login page.
5. Optimized Smart Detection menu UI.
6. Added the streaming step during Doorbell binding process.

Jan 15
Version v1.6.3_452

1. Supported for battery doorbell.
2. Added the max device sharing members from 3 to 5.
3. Supported Geofencing for eufyCams and Floodlight Cam.
4. Supported cloud storage service for eufyCams.
5. Optimized the Pad version UI design.
6. Merged the eufyCam and eufyCam adding entrance.
7. Optimized the eufyCams signal display.
8. Added the filtered events reminder.

Jan 07
Version v1.6.2_437

1. Added motion test mode for eufyCam 2C/2.
2. Improved the signal display during the mounting guide for eufyCams.
3. Solved the app crash when you change the font on some phones.

Dec 20
Version v1.5.9_421

Added hint to disable phone's LTE network in the process of binding Floodlight Cam

Dec 06
Version v1.5.8_413

1. Supported Spotlight Night Vision for eufyCam 2C
2. Fixed some bugs.

Nov 29
Version v1.5.7_403

1. Supported automatically correct the time zone for eufyCams and Floodlight Cam.
2. HB2 supported compatible with 1st generation Cam.
3. Supported more multi-languages
4. eufyCam 2C/2 motion sensitivity level changed from 5 to 7.
5. Added the transformer detection in the Video Doorbell setup process.
6. Supported the non-US region setup process for Video Doorbell.
7. Added the Motion Detection advanced settings for Video Doorbell.

Nov 19
Version v1.5.6_386

1. Supported multi-languages for eufyCam 2C, Floodlight Cam and Video doorbell.
2. Supported Sunset to Sunrise feature for Floodlight Cam.
3. Increased the pre-recording time to 5s for Floodlight Cam.
4. Motion for Floodlights can be controlled separately.
5. Added the non-recording switch for Video Doorbell.
6. Optimized the LED status at night for Video Doorbell.
7. Fixed some bugs.

Nov 02
Version v1.5.5_370

1. Supported Alexa and Google Assistant for Floodlight Cam.
2. Added Australia region setup process for Floodlight Cam.
3. Updated the motion detection solution for eufyCam 2C/2.
4. Supported for the German language for eufyCam 2C/2.
5. Supported the non-detecting facial in non-detect zones for Video Doorbell.
6. Supported the notification tones settings for Video Doorbell.
7. Added the clip donating type selection.
8. Fixed some bugs.

Oct 17
Version v1.5.4_363

1. Supported for eufyCam 2C and eufyCam 2 new camera models.
2. Fixed some bugs.

Oct 11
Version v1.5.3_351

1. Updated the settings menu for eufyCam/E.
2. Supported the Alexa and Google Assistant for Floodlight Cam.
3. Added the Time zone for Video Doorbell.
4. Added the continuous recording feature when ringing for Video Doorbell
5. Changed the app tones time from 9 to 3 when the doorbell ringing.
6. Fixed some bugs.

Sep 27
Version v1.5.2_329

1. Supported manually enter Wi-Fi, disable Wi-Fi and test camera signal for eufyCam/E.
2. Added the battery percent on the camera settings when charging for eufyCam/E.
3. Moved the motion test mode to sub-menu for eufyCam/E.
4. Supported set up different brightness on manual, motion and schedule for Floodlight Cam.
5. Supported for non-detect zones for video doorbell.
6. Fixed some bugs.

Sep 06
Version v1.5.1_314

Fixed some bugs.

Aug 21
Version v1.3.5_285

Fixed some bugs.

Jul 24
Version v1.3.4_280

1. Optimized the app homepage UI
2. Extended the eufyCam alarm timer to 30s
3. Added more notifications when the battery is in low battery and fully charged
4. Added the notification when the device is sounding an alarm
5. Optimized the microSD card reminder
6. Added the Arabic language for eufyCam
7. Added the video clips donating for eufyCam
8. Supported deleting personal messages
9. Added rousing feedback when screenshot on the app

Jul 18
Version v1.3.2.1_272

Fixed some bugs.

Jul 09
Version v1.3.2_260

1. Added video quality settings for Video Doorbell.
2. Added notification type settings for Video Doorbell.
3. Optimized notification latency for Video Doorbell
4. Optimized Motion Detection sensitivity settings for Video Doorbell.
5. Improved system stability and fixed some bugs.

Jul 01
Version v1.3.1.2_246

Fixed some bugs.

Jun 14
Version v1.3.1.1_244

1. Added the full country/region list of time zones.
2. Opened the sound being emitted from cameras when live streaming.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Jun 11
Version v1.3.0.1_229

Fix some bugs.

Jun 03
Version v1.3.0_228

1. Added the Wi-Fi Setup feature for HomeBase.
2. Added the eufyCam motion detection setup guide.
3. Updated the FAQ in Help menu
4. Fix some bugs.

May 26
Version v1.2.5_199

1. Update the Security modes UI and added the security modes customization.
2. Updated the Events UI and filter UI.
3. Updated the camera battery icon.

Apr 14
Version v1.2.3_176

Fixed some bugs.

Apr 09
Version v1.2.0_161

Fixed some bugs.

Mar 18
Version v1.1.8.1_159

1. Added support for French, German, Italian language.
2. Fixed some bugs.

Mar 13
Version v1.1.7_135

1. Added support for the Spanish language.
2. Added the NAS configuration guidelines process.
3. Fixed some bugs.

Feb 26
Version v1.1.6_111

1. Extended the Motion Detection sensitivity range. User can set the sensitivity higher or lower than before. This is to avoid excessive false alarms or short motion- detection range.
2. Optimized the Mode Schedule. Now the user can set schedule from the evening of the day to the morning of the next day.
3. Added introduction and setup guide for Mode.
4. Added notification on/off in sensor settings.
5. Added Admin permission for Family & Guests (Camera Sharing).

Jan 30
Version v1.1.3_91

1. Added the Device Order feature.
2. Improved the Mode UE design.
3. Moved the sensor push info from app internal to system place.
4. Added the reminder when system auto set failed.
5. Added the reminder when battery cannot be charged under extreme temperature.

Jan 09
Version v1.1.1_76

1. Added Check Firmware Upgrade function for HomeBase.
2. Added RTSP support. User can save the streaming videos to the compatible NAS, which supports surveillance camera function.
3. Added microphone on/off function.
4. Added reminder when the environment temperature is lower than -20C, which is the limit of battery operating temperature.
5. Display HomeBase alarm status and allow user to switch off remotely.
6. Enabled Entry Sensor notification in Home Mode by default.

Dec 26
Version v1.1.0_68

1. Add the feature of sharing device advanced access, which can share sensor and push notifications.
2. Add the guide of adding EufySecurity to Samsung phone whitelist to solve cannot receive notifications issue.
3. Update part of languages.
4. Fix some issues.

Nov 26
Version v1.0.5

1. Add the feature of adding HomeBase by scanning QR code.
2. Change the password rules to to be consistent with EufyHome app.
3. Fix some issues.

Nov 14
Version v0.1.5

1. Added history video permission to Family & Guest(Shared camera).
2. Fixed the issue that some eufylife accounts cannot login.
3. Improved App language.
4. Improved the accuracy of WiFi signal display.
5. Improved the power consumption of the App.
6. Improved the firmware update guidance.

Nov 02
Version v0.1.4

fix bug

Oct 19
Version v0.1.3

eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery

Aug 26
Version Varies with device

PU 版本v0.1.1

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