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Everyday when looking at the mirror, you might have the following questions:
Q1: What will I look like after 30 years or 50 years? Will my face be full of freckles and wrinkles?
Q2 :What may happen to me every day? And what should I do with all these situations?
Q3 :What will my baby look like? Will he/she look more like me or my lover?

Face Explorer can help you figure all these questions out! Just upload your picture and fill in basic information, and you will get a professional report.

Main Features:
 Daily Fortune
 Time Shuttle
 Emotion Radar
 Future Baby
 Psychological quizzes
 Glamour Game
 Diverse Me
 Celeb Pairing
 More functions will be available soon

 Daily Fortune
According to your facial feature, we will use scientific technique to measure your glamour index, health index and so on. Analyzing your facial features in these aspects, we will provide you detailed report including suggestion and avoidance for career, wealth, health and love fortune.

 Time Shuttle
After 30 or 50 years, are you a gracious elder favored by child because of your kind appearance? Or lonely elder due to your serious appearance? With our professional mathematical technique, our app will take you in the Time Shuttle and foresee your face after 30 or 50 years.

 Emotion Radar
Now, some people may pretend to be happy. But that’s not their real emotions. With Sentiment Analysis, we can detect your real emotion according to your slight facial expression.

 Future Baby
Baby is the most beautiful human treasure in the world. Some people even share cute pictures of their babies on social media. Are you also curious about your future baby appearance? Upload photos of you and your lover, let’s check out the result.

 Psychological Quizzes
Everyone longs for knowing and has some expectations towards himself or herself. Do your personal characteristics meet your own expectations? Our psychological quizzes allow you to learn about your real self through sets of questions. Those quizzes reflect your characteristics about your personality, interpersonal communications, close relationships, etc.

 Glamour Game
You must once compare your appearance with your friends’ privately or face to face. Glamour Game help you figure out even more precisely who is more beautiful and attractive----in scores. The Game can also compare different parts of your faces with your photos.

 Diverse Me
The White often have more stereoscopic facial features in comparison with the Yellow. However, some Yellow can also have curvy hair and Roman nose. Wondering which ethnicity you are really from though you have facial characteristics that belong to different ethnicity? Click Diverse Me and see.

 Celeb Pairing
You may often hear such a sentence: “You look like some famous figure, but I can’t tell out who this figure is!” Don’t worry and Celeb Pairing will tell you who he/she is. And Celeb Pairing can even accurately analyze how much you look like the figure as long as you upload the close-up of your face.

“There is nothing truer than physiognomy, taken in connection with manner.” --Charles Dickens

If you have any suggestion or problem, please feel free to contact us ilifeshow2019@gmail.com . We are ready to provide you a better experience with Face Explorer!

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Version History

Launched Apr 11, 2019 (about 1 month ago).
May 15
Version 1.1.0

【New】Diverse Me,See the diversity of your life;
【New】Celeb Pairing,Analyze your similarity with celebrities;
【optimization】Experience optimization

Apr 27
Version 1.0.1

Fix bugs


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