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This Certified Veterinary Exam review and practice module has been designed with the Veterinary student in mind. It is designed to give Veterinary students a thorough understanding of the subject matter contained in the exam.
The Veterinary technician App is engaging, interactive and accessible.The certified Veterinary app is a study guide that allows students to study for the Veterinary Certification anywhere, anytime without having to cram. Contained in the App is over 1000 flashcards with pictures and detailed explanations. The user interface is intuitive, fast and easy to use.This Veterinary Technician App provides students with the simplest way to study for the exam
The following topics are included:
*Veterinary Abbreviations
* Nutrition
* Abbreviations
* Veterinary Surgical Instruments
* Fundamentals
* Neurology
* Veterinary Vocabulary
* Radiology
* Muscular System
* Skeletal System
*Veterinary Exam Revision Questions
* Veterinary Pharmacology
* Veterinary Exam Review

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Version History

Launched Oct 22, 2015 (about 3 years ago).
Apr 15
Version 3.0.0

Oct 22
Version 1.0.0


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