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With this App you can find Parking (AKA Staging) area to park your truck or trailer, and what roads to take to get to these areas. Parking and the Trails are the two most important things to a rider. The GPS built into your SmartPhone or Tablet (if it has a GPS) will show you where you are on the trails, and which way to go at intersections. There are a lot of trails in the sand that do not necessarily add anything to your ride other than Miles. When you ride on the Rock, there are paint stripes, but they can be spaced such a way that you cannot see which way to go to stay on the trail. Some of the stripes are worn off. Some Trails are One Way. Use this App to overcome these obstacles.

The Trails are color coded for Difficulty. Green is Easy, Blue is Moderate, and Red is Difficult, Black and Gray are roads or dirt roads.

The Android Phone or Tablet does not have to have a phone number. So you could pick up a pre-paid phone in Walmart of a Pawn Shop and use it for the Trails. To download the App you need WiFi. The App uses the devices GPS to know where you are on the Trails. It can use cell towers and/or WiFi to locate you, but the GPS is required. If you use a Tablet, go to Settings/Location and look for the words GPS. The App should not let you download it it your device does not have an Actual GPS.

Good for the ORV, OHV, ATV, Jeep, UTV, RZR, 4x4, Single Track Motorcycle, or Hummer owner. Know how to stay on the Trail you want to ride. Find your way back too.

The Trail Numbers, are, for the most part, keyed to Charles A. Wells book "Guide to Moab UT, Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails" 3rd edition. I highly recommend the book. It has a lot of good information in it, and is available online or in related stores in Moab.

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Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 1Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 2Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 3Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 4Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 5Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 6Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 7Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 8Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 9Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 10Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 11Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 12Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 13Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 14Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 15Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 16Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 17Moab ATV Jeep Trails screenshot 18

Version History

Launched Mar 30, 2019 (25 days ago).
Apr 05
Version 1.2

Added more Hotels/Motels where there is parking for utility trailers. Important if you are making Reservations.
Will be adding a Red and Black Striped trail color as an Extreme trail, particularly for Jeeps, soon.

Apr 04
Version 1.1

Added Hotels that have utility trailer parking, will add more later.
One business moved, now shown at new location.
Noted Several Trails were extremely difficult for Jeeps, and most Jeep rental outfits will not allow their rentals on these trails
Fixed a bug where the syntax of 4 GPX files were preventing others from loading.

Mar 30
Version 1.0

Newest Trail System from GPS App Generator, LLC. Don't get lost, find your way, and way back. Enjoy Points of Interest along the way.


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