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Your church must already be using Planning Center Check-Ins, Giving, Groups, or Registrations in order to use this app. Learn more: https://planning.center/

My Church Center by Planning Center is the fastest way to get information about your church, pre-check your family, give to your church, browse & join groups, register for events on Android.

Privacy Policy: https://planning.center/privacy/
Terms of Service: https://planning.center/terms/

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Version History

Launched Nov 26, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 days, on average.

Nov 10
Version 1.8.0

* You can now see the check-in status of each person on your pre-check!
* Dark mode theme for CCA is here!
* Improvement: Register again for an event, even if you're already registered
* Fixed: Brought back Group share button

Oct 20
Version 1.7.4

Fixed: Error when filtering to event categories with no events

Oct 15
Version 1.7.3

* Improved: New Groups sub-navigation
* Improved: How screens transition under the hood. Now with less bugs :)
* Improved: Group resource PDFs can now be shared
* Fixed: Scheduled Registration open and close times were displaying when they shouldn't have.
* Fixed: Logging by email would sometimes send duplicated emails

Oct 07
Version 1.7.2

Fixed: Bring back auto-adjusting screen brightness when displaying Check-Ins QR code

Oct 01
Version 1.7.1

* Fixed: Manual ACH verification would fail for certain verification amounts

Sep 18
Version 1.7.0

* You can now choose more than one location during a check in!
* Group contact form limited to 500 characters
* Improved: Remove a profile photo in addition to adding and editing
* Improved: Drop pre-filled text when sharing a group or registration URL
* Improved: Automatically log into a People Form linked as a group resource
* Fixed: Dropped 0 when editing recurring giving amount

Aug 26
Version 1.6.1

* Improved: You'll automatically be signed in when you opening People Form links from within the app.
* Fixed: Pre-check QR code would not properly generate in certain situations

Aug 04
Version 1.6.0

* New: View and edit profile information for household members
* New: Edit medical notes for yourself and your household members
* New: Birthday and grade fields can be added if blank, but editing can now only be done by church administrators.
* Fixed: Extra large whitespace between event times and description
* Fixed: Getting back to Church Center App after completing a donation in Safari

Jul 16
Version 1.5.0

* View donation specifics on the new donation detail screen
* Configure your giving notification preferences
* Improved: Loading animation for My Giving
* Improved: Add payment method to giving history list

Jul 08
Version 1.4.5

* Improved: Smarter log in handling to prevent infinite loading
* Improved: Add sections to Edit Profile modal

Jul 07
Version 1.4.4

* Fixed: Groups list not loading
* New: Show Group leader names

Jul 01
Version 1.4.3

* App wasn't loading the saved check-in
* Login flow buttons weren't visible if you are using large system text
* Directions to Group events were using the wrong location
* Group events without a specific location were showing an error

Jun 23
Version 1.4.2

What's New
* You can now require biometric authentication before being able to access the app.

* Not using the campus website URL correctly.
* Group detail re-resorts after the initial render
* Certain situations where the next occurrence for recurring gifts was not being set.

Jun 02
Version 1.4.1

Adjustments to address feedback from new way of displaying content generated by WYSIWYG editors.


• Overhaul how we display content generated by WYSIWYG editors for speed and accessibility improvements
• Use IP geolocation to switch country on church search smartly

• Service time & description vertical alignment
• Group events repeating
• Service times appearing out of order
• Check-ins CIB not defaulting to logged in user

May 15
Version 1.4.0

• Login via email
• Select your country when searching for churches

• Check-ins not remembering your previous check-in option selection
• Trusted people showing up in the Checked In By menu
• Trailing spaces affecting church name searching
• Location permission prompt appearing before the view explaining why we need it
• Use "leaders" instead of "members" in the public group
• Group search getting reset when filters were cleared

Apr 10
Version 1.3.4

Fixed: Crash on launch that was affecting Android 4.4 users

Apr 02
Version 1.3.3

Updated browser for registering for events and viewing registrations
We now use smart quotes instead of regular quotes.
Improved messaging when there aren't results when searching for your church
Improved: Event index image is now set to 16:9 ratio
Fixed: Crash on Learn More link on the bank verification view
Fixed: Position of remove icon on profile editing view
Fixed: Cancelled group not showing as cancelled
Fixed: Prepared check-in with location specified results in error message on station

Apr 01
Version 1.3.2

Updated browser for registering for events and viewing registrations
We now use smart quotes instead of regular quotes.
Improved messaging when there aren't results when searching for your church
Improved: Event index image is now set to 16:9 ratio
Fixed: Crash on Learn More link on the bank verification view
Fixed: Position of remove icon on profile editing view
Fixed: Cancelled group not showing as cancelled
Fixed: Prepared check-in with location specified results in error message on station

Mar 20
Version 1.3.1

• Improved: We use uploaded profile image instead generic profile icon
• Improved: Add supporting copy in the recurring gift creation interface
• Improved: Added copy to help assure donors that their financial information is securely transferred and stored
• Improved: Display of text for users who have increased the system font size.
• Fixed: Groups would fail to load in certain situations
• Fixed: Certain views on Android would crash because of a bug in a recent Chrome update

Mar 17
Version 1.3.0

• Check-Ins. Is. Here. Prepare your check-in from the convenience of your phone! Select times, locations, and options for each household member. Scan the resulting QR code when you're at a station to get your labels printed.
• Share URLs to your group or registration event
• Church home now displays the campus website URL as well an expanded area for directions & location information.
• Improved: Pull to refresh for Groups index as well as how we load data on this page.

Feb 24
Version 1.2.0

* Giving: If you're a joint donor with someone else, CCA will now display your joint donation history
* CCA now respects your organization's time and date formats
* If you have a campus website URL, we now use that on the church selection view.
* Improved: Profile listing in onboarding views
* Fixed: Long standing visual bugs in the navigation when transitioning between certain views
* Fixed: Group resources were limited to the first 25 items.

Feb 05
Version 1.1.8

* Support searching by church name in addition to location
* Add ability to choose between updating profile using images from the photo library and camera
* Add caching for images
* Fixed: Input would scroll out of view when attempting to add payment to existing registration
* Fixed: Removed microphone permission request
* Fixed: Group and Registration descriptions not rendering because of a Chrome change

Jan 23
Version 1.1.7

* Group event feeds are back!
* Fixed: Recurring gifts could sometimes be listed twice in My Giving
* Fixed: Crash that would happen if you opened up My Giving too quickly

Jan 22
Version 1.1.6

* CCA now has support for Android intents. Use church-center:// with home, giving, groups, events, or profile to get to a specific tab from another app.
* Group events now have a detail view to view the event description and an expanded map
* Fixed: Crashes from opening PDFs
* Fixed: Crashes from running out of memory
* Fixed: Toolbar inconsistencies
* Fixed: Use of > in various places in the UI to be more Android-y

Jan 13
Version 1.1.5

* Under the hood framework improvements
* Updated camera library with improvements and bug fixes
* Fixed: Log out error

Jan 08
Version 1.1.4

* My Church Center is now Church Center App
* Added "Don't see your church?" in search results to help folks get set up with CCA
* Groups: Add "Open in Maps" to groups locations
* Prevent folks from deleting all their contact info and getting locked out of CCA.
* Hide group event feeds from non-members
* Improved crash reporting for Android users

* Group event location names showing up as null
* Apt/unit/box field not saving
* Improved handling of birthdays where year is not specified

Dec 16
Version 1.1.3

* Fix group and event detail views not loading correctly
* Show poster images at 16:9

Dec 12
Version 1.1.2

* Fixed crash when using contact actions on group members
* Removed Groups event feed until we can identify a better approach on Android

Dec 10
Version 1.1.1

Fixed a bug with setting the next donation date on recurring donations.

Dec 05
Version 1.1.0

Groups is here! Find and join groups as well as get information about groups you're a member of.

Nov 29
Version 1.0.1

What's New
* Larger tap target for the Profile icon
* Hide the campus dropdown if the organization is only a single campus.
* "Register" is now "Events"

* Cover the Fee wasn't quite fully covering the fee in some cases!
* Giving amount could be little jittery on initial load

Nov 25
Version 1.0

Initial release of Church Center!

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