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*For those wanting something that actually works and helps...for those who want more and want the best...for those willing to invest in themselves...

Struggling to lose weight? Can’t stay motivated? Constantly overeating? Use hypnosis to help lose the weight and keep it off.

Since 2007, Dr. Randy Gilchrist, licensed clinical psychologist, has helped people around the world lose weight with The Weight Loss Mindset® program’s 10 powerful and effective hypnosis sessions.

Previously sold online for $99.97 and recently updated, all sessions are now available for a low one-time price.


*Each hypnosis audio session addresses the 10 most important areas of weight loss:

1) Weight Loss Motivation
Boosts your inner desire to lose the weight you wish and keep it off. Reminds you why you are doing this and what you would like to achieve.
2) Eating Less
Strengthens "intuitive eating": eating less and curbing appetite by empowering your internal hunger and fullness mechanisms to rule (vs. eating from external triggers).
3) Eating Better
Helps create a desire for choosing, consuming, and enjoying a wide variety of healthy foods for slimming down, increasing energy, and overall health.
4) Controlling Emotional Eating
Assists control over "emotional eating": eating to self-soothe negative emotions such as loneliness, stress, or boredom. Often the big difference maker in weight loss.
5) Aversion to Junk Food and Weight Gain
Creates a powerful aversion to eating junk food and weight gain in general. A great way to stay away from returning to self-defeating habits.
6) Portion Control
Supports choosing and eating reasonable, healthy portions during your meals, as well as your ability to push away the plate.
7) Don’t Get Thrown Off Your Diet
Helps give extra focus and commitment to continue your diet plan and avoid/minimize traps and backsliding in your daily diet choices.
8) Exercise Motivation
Boosts your overall desire to exercise and the excitement of the increased benefits you will enjoy doing regular exercise.
9) Enjoying Exercise
Helps you enjoy the process of exercise, including planning beforehand, your exercise routine itself, and the results you’ll enjoy afterwards.
10) Getting the Perfect Body
Helps create a clear vision of your ideal, perfect body: slim, tone, and looking and feeling great! Excellent for boosting both short and long-term weight loss motivation.
Benefits of weight loss hypnosis:

● Lose weight faster and more easily with hypnotherapy
● Stop binge eating once and for all
● Hypnosis by yourself within the comfort and privacy of your home
● Be more mindful of what you’re eating and how much
● Stick to your diet without overthinking it
● Enjoy exercise and working out more
● Compliment any diet you're currently doing, such as keto, intermittent fasting, vegan, low carb, paleo, or gluten-free
● Get the beach body you’ve always dreamed of
● Burn unwanted belly fat using positive affirmations
● Reach ketosis faster and with less mental effort

Simple Instructions:
1) Get yourself in a comfortable position free from distractions.
2) Close your eyes, relax and listen.

That’s it!

As you listen, your conscious resistance to change naturally lowers during the audio sessions. You become more accepting and embracing to the suggestions for positive change that follow. You slowly condition your mind towards feeling more pleasure with better eating and exercise habits, as well as some discomfort to your old self-defeating ways.

Your weight loss motivation increases, your lifestyle habits improve, and you lose weight.

That is the formula for success, which this program will help you accomplish.

Lose weight, live better, be happier - install today and start listening!

Questions? Contact Dr. Gilchrist at drgilchrist@yahoo.com with “App Questions” in the subject line. Expect 1-3 business days for a response.

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