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***** PLEASE NOTE: Complete Anatomy 2018 is now available on Google Play!! Try 3D4Medical's award-winning flagship anatomy app FREE today - just search for 'Complete Anatomy'*****

Essential Skeleton 3 is a fully functional, self-contained app covering the essential anatomy of the skeleton. This app is being offered free to demonstrate the groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design inherent in 3D4Medical's new range of apps.

3D4Medical have developed a cutting edge 3D graphics engine designed specifically to maximize what can be done with anatomical models in the mobile environment.

Now 3D4Medical have also created custom built anatomical models which have been built from the ground up specifically for the proprietary 3D Display engine. The result is unparalleled graphics and functionality.
It is a stand alone app and does not contain any In-App purchase requirements.

We encourage you to download this app, as well as the free version of any competitor's app. Compare and decide for yourself which is better in terms of 3D models, functionality, medical accuracy and ease of use. Afterwards, let us know -- we'd love to hear from you!

Essential Skeleton 3 is responsive, visually stunning and effortless. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can easily manipulate the skeleton and individual bones, as well as view them in isolation from any angle. Our new Multiple Selection Mode allows you to select multiple bones and isolate, hide or fade them.

- New 3D technology via 3D4Medical's latest graphics engine.
- Simple navigation and user friendly, intuitive interface.
- Correct audio pronunciation, Latin nomenclature and description for each bone.
- Select areas or the entire skeletal system using the Breadcrumb Trail.
- Multiple Selection Mode.
- Create and save custom views with Bookmarks.
- Multiple search options.
- Dynamic quiz function - Drag and Drop and Multi-choice.
- Extensive social media tools and sharing capability.

Please find our End User License Agreement here: http://applications.3d4medical.com/eula

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We take pride in our apps at 3D4Medical and continually strive to engage with our customers. From the first edition of Muscle System Pro, we have consistently listened to our users and upgraded our apps, continually and throughout.

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Version History

Launched May 20, 2014 (almost 6 years ago).
Aug 06
Version 1.1.3

- shaders fix for several devices
- fixed picking of objects