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Medication List is a program used to manage a families list of medications, medical records and a directory of doctors along with a reminder function that can be used to schedule medication intake or doctor's appointment. One of the key benefits for the family is the ability to show each doctor the full list of medication for a family member.

Main features of the application are:

- Keep list of medications for entire family
- Allergies
- Pharmacy
- Appointments
- Procedures
- Diagnosis
- Complaints
- Surgery
- Display medication list by individual family member
- Display medications prescribed by an individual doctor
- Keep detailed information on each medication
- Ability to take image of medication and or pill label
- Ability to send lists or individual item by email, text, chooser
- Keep a list of doctors with details
- Create flexible recurring reminders for medication intake or other
- Create single reminders that can be used for any purpose

Medication List help text is included below for more detailed explanation of function.


Medication list has three option in upper right selections. Sort by family member, sort by physician, and sort all which lists all medications in the database. Sort all is the default setting for the medication list. To add a new medication press add button.


The medication screen has a place for taking pictures of the medication and prescription bottle label. This is provided if it is desired to show this to physician. Press the label with the camera icon to take picture. Press the actual image to bring up close up.

Press SAVE after required information has been input.


Pressing the phone icon on the physician in physician list will bring up dialog to call physician if a phone number is on file.


After entering an email address for physician pressing the email text will bring up an email chooser.


This is a list of family member available in database. To add a new family member press add button. To edit an existing family member press on family member.


This allow for recording basic information about a family member. Use SAVE button on action bar to add or update to database. Select delete from action bar to remove family member from database.


This is a list of all current reminders. Reminders are all created in a separate medication calendar. This calendar is visible on the device's calendar app and can be hidden there if necessay. Note, hidden calendars will not issue reminders. To add a new reminder hit the plus button. A list of reminder types is displayed


Enter name, start date, start time. The occurence type is automatically populated. The following settings modify the reminder.

Days to occur - if applicable allows the selection of days of the week for the reminder. This is applicable to weekly and monthly reminders.

Repeats every - Sets the repeat interval. For example setting to 3 days for a daily reminder results in every 3rd day.

Number of occurences - This is the total number of occurences. Default is indefinite. Setting to a value ends the repeating reminder after the specified number of events have occured. For example, setting daily reminders with number set to 7 will stop after 7 days.

Until date - if specified will end repeating reminders at midnight of set date.

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Version History

Launched Jan 02, 2018 (about 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 11
Version 1.2.2

Date selection mechanism now allows type input or chooser. Dosage unit input changed to allow multiple dosages for one medicine i.e. 25 - 100 mg. Medication list sort now includes brand name when generic not available. Added auto capitalization to input fields where appropriate. User can change if desired. Added explicit permission request link in case the user did not previously grant permission and changed their mind about making calls from Physician, Pharmacy, of Facility list.

Oct 17
Version 1.2.1

Fixed corrupted file causing crash when sending list or taking pictures. The file apparently corrupted sometime after those functions tested. No other bug reports.

Oct 16
Version 1.2.0

Added a medical records section with appointment data, complaints, diagnosis list, surgery list, procedure list, and record of facilities (hospital, clinic, etc). Generalized the send list function. Will now bring up chooser and not just email. This allows passing to other apps that may be able to handle text files. Individual medications and item can also be sent not just lists. Information on lists was enhanced. Some bugs were fixed.


Jul 28
Version 1.1.0

This release added email list capability, section for allergies, section for pharmacy info. The image processing for medication and label images was redone to address resolution issues needs write external permission. Will require new images be taken. There were also many changes implemented from user requests. I request that if you don't like something or want to add function please send me email. If you decide to uninstall be kind and send an email why so the app can be improved.

Apr 25
Version 1.0.3

Added default reminder selection to Daily. App would crash if select button pressed with no selection made from reminder type selection dialog.

Apr 13
Version 1.0.2

This version completes the emergency fix in release 1.0.1. The family and physician will now show properly on medication list.
Other enhancements where: address in physician was changed to allow blank state and an address clear button was added. Options where added to medication details to clear family member or physician. Thank you for using Medication List. I welcome any and all comments, requests, or bug notifications. Use contact us link on home page.

Apr 07
Version 1.0.1

Fixed major bug with medication list crashing when no family or physicians listed for all medications in list. This resolves this issue.

Jan 02
Version 1.0

Version 1 initial release

Previous 3 versions

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