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Pool Acid Dose Calculator will calculate the exact amount of acid necessary to lower pH and alkalinity in any size swimming pool or spa. No more guessing at the amount of acid or adding acid and retesting the water later to determine the changes to pH and alkalinity. Find out how much acid is needed to lower pH and it will give you the alkalinity after the dose. Use it to find out how much acid is needed to lower alkalinity and know the resulting pH after addition. Find out what an amount of acid will do to pH and alkalinity.

Forget Acid Demand water tests and look up tables to determine the acid amount to lower pH. They don't give you the alkalinity after the dose and they are difficult and time consuming. Pool Acid Dose Calculator save you time and money because it gives you the exact amount of acid so you are not under-dosing or over-dosing acid and not having to make corrections. Best of all, you can use it at the pool or spa to get the right amount of acid on-site.

Pool Acid Dose Calculator gives acid dose amounts for muriatic (hydrochloric acid), sulfuric acid and dry acid in fl oz, qts, oz and lbs. Also, change from US measurement to metric and get results in ml, L, g and kg.

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Version History

Launched Jun 25, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Jun 25
Version 1.02

06/25/13 Update to correct one error.
06/19/13 Update to correct errors found when lowering pH by 0.1 unit when CYA is 100. This error should not have affected most users because most users want to lower pH by more than 0.1 unit.


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