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Have you ever deleted or lost all your files by accident? Did you need to recover them? Have you got a better way than with files recovery? This app Recover & Retrieve: Deleted All Files Photos-Contacts,Can help you to recover deleted All files: text messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts …that found on your Android phone! Why is the best? Check this

With this new Android Application Recover & Retrieve: Deleted All Files Photos-Contacts,you can easy to Contact Recovery can restore your deleted contacts, Photos and all your files from your smartphone and will work with you 100% worked now you can restore them in the original, without any prior backup, No PC needed or any logiciel. This Application is the right application for you, it's the answer of "how to pull up All deleted messages and Files" "how do you find deleted text messages" "how do i find deleted photos and videos»!
So this app will help you to saves deleted your files. This includes chat, image, video, music, videos, contacts etc.

Sometimes it happens when you delete accidently a photo or something important from your phone, and start searching and looking for a good tool that can restore it for you can bring you a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to do is the download this Application for android and let it scan your entire phone’s internal and external memory.

The application works on retrieving images, retrieving files, retrieving
conversations, restoring deleted images, restoring deleted conversations, restoring deleted messages, restoring deleted files and retrieving old messages on a comprehensive mobile memory deep scan to recover deleted files, with this simple android deleted files recovery for free!

With Recover & Retrieve: Deleted All Files Photos-Contacts, you can:

★Backup and restore Retrieve messages
★Retrieve and find deleted videos by mistake
★A deleted Files you can restore after formatting
★Recover lost phone contacts numbers even after a year
★ It let you to return images, videos, messages, deleted conversations,
★You can retrieve conversations and deleted videos from the phone memory
★Get deleted your important text messages backby using the menu button
★Your book address is secure and secure. We do or do not store your messages.
★Easy to restore. No need for any application to restore the backup file.

How to use:
- Open first the application
- Click “Start Recover ‘’ that’s it. Now set up completed

Remember:This App may show some pictures or videos even if they are not deleted yet. That’s because there is already an occurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by this App. So just keep looking and you will find files you are looking for.

Download Automatic Recover & Retrieve: Deleted All Files Photos-Contacts for free today!! If you’re enjoying our App, please take a few seconds to give us a review don't forget rate five stars ★★★★★!
Our application is 100% free and 100% designer experience, very easy to use.

Please understand how the application works before giving an assessment and If you have any comments, bug reports, suggestions, support ... and if you Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us

Thank you all in advance!

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Launched Feb 18, 2019 (over 1 year ago).
Feb 17
Version 2.7