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***Music Kingdom-Audition 3D Dance***
Try out three modes, Classic Mode, Tempo Mode and Taiko Mode, full-screen touching finger trick. Various stage background, movable camera shots, to host your own music-video-like singing and dancing feast.

***Music Kingdom-Audition 3D Karaoke***
In other music games you can dance, but in our games you can both dance and sing karaoke. Karaoke in Music Kingdom-Audition 3D is processed by professional music producers, which allows you enjoy five-star KTV service.

***Music Kingdom-Audition 3D Shopping***
Be pure, gorgeous, knowledgable, Hip Hop, Punk, various styles of clothes are put on sale in the Game Mall. No matter you are girls who want to be elegant and gorgeous or sweet and lovely, or you are boys who want to look fashion or cool, you can buy your favorites here, to be your own stylist. Fitted with Mount and Throne, turn you into the unique King of Charm.

***Music Kingdom-Audition 3D Interaction***
As for social interaction, game Music Kingdom-Audition 3D has functions of "Send Gift" and "Interaction". You can send flowers or throw eggs to the performers on the stage, share joy altogether; while you can also fight, trick or give a big warm hug to your friends before the game starts to kill the time. Or recall your childhood memory with the small fountain and merry-go-round in Leisure Community.

***Music Kingdom-Audition 3D Wedding***
Are you expecting your Mr.Right or Ms.Right to show up in your life to accompany you play games and share romantic moments every day? Come find him/her, confess your love, be blessed!

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Version History

Launched Aug 15, 2018 (5 months ago).
Aug 17
Version 1.5.6

This is a 3D musical mobile game including social interaction, singing and dancing, where you can invite your friends to join your dancing crew and host karaoke party


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