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*** While Bad Elf llc. are aware of Kobold GPS, the app is NOT supported, developed or endorsed by Bad Elf llc. The use of the "Bad Elf" name in this description AND the app itself is purely to describe a physical product and does NOT imply any connection between Bad Elf llc. and Kobold GPS.

Please do not contact them for support with this app, they will not be able to help! ***

Kobold GPS can:

- Read and change settings on compatible Bad Elf GPS devices. All the settings available in the official Bad Elf iOS app are settable from your Android device.

- Download and delete tracklogs, storing them on your Android phone or pad, or any file service that you have installed - OneDrive, DropBox, email, Google Drive and others. Files can be saved in GPX, KML and CSV formats.

- Calibrate the barometer (if the GPS has one)

- View or log the raw NMEA data being sent from the GPS

- Connect to multiple Bad Elf GPS devices at the same time

- Start and stop the device's internal logger, and tell it to record a POI

The devices known to work are:
- Bad Elf GPS Pro (model 2200), firmware V2.0.92 .
- Bad Elf GPS Pro+ (model 2300), firmware V2.1.44 .

Other models and firmware versions may work. Kobold GPS can send diagnostic data to help with compatibility of other models and firmware versions, if there are any problems.

Kobold GPS is NOT able to update Bad Elf firmware.

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Version History

Launched Nov 17, 2017 (over 1 year ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jul 18
Version 1.0.7202

This build fixes all reported crashes. The satellite status display is now cleared on disconnect. Gaps on the map display in an active track caused by the Bad Elf firmware not sending all data are now shown clearly, and are filled in once the data is available.

Mar 20
Version 1.0.6689

Show tracks, past and current, on the map
Fix for KML where hardware and firmware revisions were the same value
Show numeric data at the base of the map for current location

Dec 04
Version 1.0.6634

Initial public release.

Nov 19
Version v.2017.11.19

Preview release for Bad Elf.

Nov 17
Version v.2017.11.18

Preview release for Bad Elf.

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