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Prepare yourself for a visit to LEGO House with the free LEGO House App and get a playful introduction to what you can experience in LEGO House in Billund, Denmark.

You can use The LEGO House App before your visit to explore the cool experiences inside LEGO House. You can use the LEGO House App after your visit to download the content you create during the day.

The LEGO House App is a playful introduction to LEGO House for kids. Build cool LEGO Models for each room and explore which LEGO Minifigure belongs to each room. For every room you unlock you will get a sneak peek into how it looks in the real LEGO House. Get them all – and the LEGO Minifigures will be super happy. Find out which experiences you like and start planning your trip today.

Read more about LEGO House at: http://LEGOHouse.com

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Version History

Launched Sep 14, 2017 (over 2 years ago).
Sep 20
Version 1.0.3

We have done minor tweaks and bug fixes to enhance the LEGO® House app experience.

Sep 13
Version 1.0.2